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#AD Blu-Dot Protein Tea Review - Great-Tasting green tea with protein and Fibre.-

Introducing Blu-Dot protein tea – the world’s first green tea fortified with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre. 

Blu-Dot protein tea was designed as a "recovery" beverage for after exercise. It replaces lost fluids and contributes critical nutrients to repair muscle and aid in optimal body function. Just one bottle of Blu-Dot protein tea contains as much protein as a scrambled egg and as much fibre as an apple. all for only 90 calories, and in 4 great-tasting superfruit flavours. Blu-Dot protein tea is made with very high purity whey powder sourced from new Zealand and plant-based prebiotic fibre. It’S all-natural, gluten free, Non-GMO and contains only 6 grams of sugar. Compared with most other protein drinks, ready-to-drink Blu-Dot protein tea is light and refreshing, not heavy, calorific or gloopy. Whatever your sport, pursuit or goal, Blu-Dot protein tea can help you live well. #proteintea #recoverydrink #proteindrink

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