Thank you for visiting my little place on the ‘net. My name is Janice and this site is called Salads for Lunch because I literally eat a salad for lunch nearly every day. 

About me

I started blogging as a healthy lifestyle blogger in 2004 because nutritious food and exercise literally changed my life.  I gained a lot of weight while completing my specialized honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and certificate in Athletic Therapy. Yes, although I was learning about exercise physiology and nutrition, I wasn’t applying what I was learning – I was tired all the time, overweight and depressed.  Knowing and doing are two different things.

After University I started to run and lift weights, and before I knew it, I was running marathons, completing triathlons, and eating healthy. I was happier than I was in years! Changing my lifestyle was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I began blogging to share my life of movement and my healthy eating recipes with anyone who is ready to make a positive change. I truly believe that exercise and nutrition has the ability to energize and exhilarate.

Here are some of my workouts to try

Here are some healthy salad recipe ideas

My Family

I have three daughters who are very active and competitive that keep me very busy.  I mention them fairly often in my posts because they’re the centre of my universe.


My oldest is Sierra – she’s 18 and plays rep softball (her team won the gold medal in the Ontario Provincial “A” Pool in 2017, and the silver medal in U14 National Canadian Championships in 2019) and she was the goalie for an “A” level U18 travel hockey team. She’s aged out of hockey now and will be starting university in the fall. Sierra’s favourite meal is my Shepherd’s Pie


My middle daughter is Brooke – she’s 16 and plays rep softball (her team won the gold medal in the Eastern Canadian Championships) and she’s also the goalie for an U18 “AA” level rep hockey team. Brooke’s favourite recipe is my Mini Instant Pot Cheesecakes.


My youngest daughter is Amber – she’s 13 and is following in her sister’s footsteps.  She plays rep softball (I’m an assistant coach for her team), and she’s the goalie for a “AA” level rep hockey team. Amber’s favourite dish is Homemade Creamy Mac N Cheese.

I LOVE to run, but I’m also a triathlete!

When it comes to being active, running is my exercise soul-mate. Before I had kids I ran quite a bit but then I got away from it for five LONG years. I suffered from post-partum depression after I had my first daughter, Sierra, and didn’t manage to get rid of my “cloudy” brain until I finally returned to running seven years ago while I was pregnant with my third daughter. A few years ago I volunteered on the board for the Ontario Women’s Triathlon (OWT), a local women’s only triathlon that raises money for Girls Inc., geared towards first time female triathletes. My involvement with the OWT caused the triathlon bug to bite me hard! These days you can find me open water swimming, cycling and strength training in addition to running, though I still need a really good run to clear my head, and I hope that never changes.  In 2015, I balanced parenting, work, blogging with training for Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, a half-Ironman distance triathlon with a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle on a very hilly and challenging course, followed by a challenging 13.1 mile (half marathon) run.

meetjanice 1 -

Race history

1 half-Ironman (also called 70.3)
3 Marathons (PB 4:06:03)
17 Half-Marathons (PB 1:50:40)
5 & 10k’s – too many to count!

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