This Full Body Workout Requires Only an Ottoman

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Do this full body ottoman workout in the comfort of your own home with just an ottoman or storage box!  These are some quick exercises you can do at home even while watching your favourite television show! All you need is an ottoman, storage box or chair.

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Don’t just put your feet up – your living-room ottoman is all you need to workout your whole body! Ottoman workout exercises to do at home

Today I’m bringing you a quick yet effective total body workout you can do right at home, so long as you have an ottoman or something similar.  Always begin with a warm up, move mind fully, take breaks as needed and end with a cool down. For this workout I’m using an ottoman storage box that I got from Amazon (Affiliate link: Classic Foldable Storage Box, Grey). Hope you enjoy the workout! 

Full Body Ottoman Workout

There are several ways you can do this workout:

  • Tabata style: workout hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, complete 8 rounds of an exercise, then move onto the next.
  • AMRAP (as many reps as possible) set a timer for a minute (or 45 seconds, or 30 seconds) and do as many as reps of possible of the exercise in that minute (or 45 seconds, or 30 seconds), then move to the next exercise.
  • EMOM (every minute on the minute)  Do 10-20 reps of the exercise, then wait for the minute to end, the faster you complete your reps, the longer your rest break before moving on to the next exercise.

Ottoman (Incline) Pushups

Place both palms on the ottoman and walk your feet back to a plank position. Keeping your body in a straight line between the top of your head and your heels, bend your elbows and lower your body toward the seat. Pause, then push up through your palms to return to starting position. That’s one rep.

Bulgarian Lunges

Position yourself into a staggered stance with your rear foot on the ottoman and front foot forward. Lower your body, flexing your knee and hip to lower your body down, then return back up to your starting position, that’s one rep. Maintain good posture throughout the movement. Keep the front knee in line with the foot as you perform the exercise.


Ottoman Step Ups

Start by placing your entire right foot onto the ottoman. Press through your right heel as you step onto the ottoman, bringing your left foot to meet your left so you are standing on the ottoman. Return to the starting position by stepping down with the right foot, then the left so both feet are on the floor. That’s one rep.

Tricep Ottoman Dips

Place hands on edge of ottoman. Position feet away from ottoman and rest heels on floor with legs straight.  Lower body by bending arms until slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulder, or rear end touches floor. Raise body and repeat, that’s one rep.

Crunchy Frog

Begin sitting, balanced just behind your sits bones, and rock back slightly to lift your feet up; gently pull your knees to your chest. Exhale, pull your navel to your spine, and lean back slightly as you open your arms to the sides and straighten your legs.  Inhale and return to the starting position, that’s one rep.

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Try the full body ottoman workout and let me know your thoughts down in the comments section! 


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  1. Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner says:

    Great idea to use your ottoman like a weight bench!