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Half Marathon Training Plan – Running Four Times a Week

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If you have more than two but less than three months to train for your next half marathon, this 10-week half marathon training training plan might be the perfect fit, especially if you’re an experienced runner. Beginners can also use this training plan, but you must stick to it faithfully.

I’ve used this plan before! And you can too!
(I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you have a half marathon in a few months from now too).

I sat down and came up with a 10 week training plan based on the plans found on a few websites, and in a whole pile of my running books (most notably the 15 week “Finish It” plan from the book “Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity” which I highly recommend you read, especially if you have say 15 weeks to train…). But alas, you may only have 10 weeks to train and no amount of procrastination will ever give you more weeks to train.

This plan is based on running four times a week. If you’re like me, running five times a week just doesn’t give your body enough time to recover from the longer runs. Whenever I’ve tried to run five times I’ve gotten injured.

So here’s what I came up with:

10 week half marathon training plan:

This training plan assumes you’ve been running for at least four weeks and can run 30 minutes without stopping before beginning the schedule.

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Photo of 10 week half marathon training plan schedule on a blue back ground.

Click here for the printable version.

There’s no fancy hill, strength or speed workouts because the goal is just to get to the start line uninjured, and perhaps weighing 5lbs less than when you started training. There are 4 running days – 3 are shorter runs and the Saturday run is the long run. Use your shorter, mid-week runs for building up your speed and ability to run shorter distances in better times, while using your longer weekend runs to build up your endurance and your ability to lengthen your miles more slowly. Add in pushups, and planks everyday to complement the training because a strong core and a strong upper body really helps with speed, perhaps more so than any hill training ever could.

So that’s it – run 4 times a week, do some pushups and planks and in 10 weeks you’ll be able to finish a half marathon. 10 weeks doesn’t seem like enough time to train for a half marathon, but with this 10 week half marathon training plan you’ll be more than ready!

If I can do it, so can you!!

Good luck!

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