Summer Berry Balsamic Salad and #MotivateMe Monday

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Happy Monday everyone and thank you for following me from Fitness Cheerleader to Salads 4 Lunch!

If you’re reading this then I hope it means I somehow managed to transfer all of my subscribers from Fitness Cheerleader seamlessly. If you’re a little confused by all of this, this post may help. In a nutshell I decided to change my blog name to return to blogging as a way of journaling my life and to be authentic in sharing my life’s ups and downs. Everyday I eat a salad for lunch that I either made, or bought from a nearby restaurant, grocery store or fast food establishment so I thought that Salads 4 Lunch would be a good name for the new direction I’m taking. I hope you’ll stick around!

Life lately has been crazy busy and I’m not even sure how to catch you up on it all. This week saw summer arrive in full force. It’s hot-hot-hot here, yay! Monday morning I ran with my friends, then after work I coached my middle daughter’s softball practice. Tuesday night I took the girls to the Dixie Chicks concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. It was their first concert ever. My oldest and youngest were excited but my middle one only wanted to come for the ice cream I promised her.

Introducing my chicks to the Dixie Chicks
Introducing my chicks to the Dixie Chicks

Wednesday morning hubby went golfing so I couldn’t get out for my morning run, then work was too busy for me to head over to the gym. Wednesday night I coached Brooke’s softball team in their game. Thursday I made it to the gym for an upperbody workout, yay! Friday morning I ran with my best running friends before work, then did a lower body strength workout at lunch.

Saturday night hubby took me out for a date! We went to the driving range to hit some golf balls, then we went to downtown Oakville and had dinner at a craft beer restaurant called Bru Restaurant. I had a Summer Weiss beer and he had an Amber. For dinner I had a very tasty Quinoa, black bean and avocado salad with chicken. After dinner we cuddled up and watched Edge of Tomorrow on Netflix.



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Date night part 2: craft beer @ Brü Oakville

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Sunday was a busy day of softball where my middle daughter made her pitching debut! I was so proud of her for not getting too upset when she walked a bunch of batters. She also managed to get three strikeouts in the two innings she pitched!

We have another busy softball week with each of the girls having a practice and a game, so my fitness this week will have to be confined to before work and on my lunch breaks.

For fitness, my plan for this week is:

Monday: 8k morning run, lower body weights at lunch, coaching softball after work
Tuesday: Upper body weights at lunch
Wednesday: 8k morning run + BodyPump at GoodLife Fitness
Thursday: Upper body weights at lunch
Friday: 10k morning run 
Saturday: Rest.
Sunday: Rest/recovery 

Sharing with you this week’s lunch salad:

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Have a great week everyone!  

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