Know Your Caffeine! 8 Facts About Caffeine You Probably Didn’t Know

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March is Caffeine Awareness month so I’ve partnered with my friends at the Canadian Beverage Association to share some little known facts about caffeine. Like did you know that caffeine, a bitter alkaloid, is found naturally in over 60 plants worldwide?!?

Read on to find out more!

Lady holding a cup of coffee

It’s no secret, I absolutely love coffee!  There was a time that I tried to give it up, but I really missed the caffeine from it.  After some research I learned that with moderation, caffeine can be safe for healthy adults.  Here’s a few other things I’ve learned:

Facts About Caffeine You Probably Didn’t Know:

  1. Caffeine is Naturally Occurring
    Caffeine is a bitter alkaloid naturally occurring in the leaves, seeds and fruits of more than 60 plants world wide!
  2. Caffeine can be Synthetically Produced and Added to Products
    Synthetic caffeine may be found in soft drinks, energy drinks, dietary supplements and medications.
  3. Caffeine is Caffeine!
    Whether consuming coffee, soda, or energy drinks, the chemical properties remain the same.
  4. Caffeine Stimulates the Central Nervous System
    Research shows that moderate intake can improve mental alertness and cognitive ability!
  5. 400mg a Day is Safe for Healthy Adults
    According to Health Canada, the FDA, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), up to 400 mg/day is safe for healthy adults (excluding pregnant and nursing women).
  6. Single Doses of 100mg of Caffeine May Affect Sleep Duration and Patterns
    Beware of consuming products with caffeine close to bedtime.
  7. Caffeine May Not Be for Everyone
    Caffeine is not a replacement for rest, and some populations of people should consider limiting their intake of caffeine from all sources, including:
    • Caffeine-Sensitive Persons
    • Pregnant and Nursing Women
    • Children
  8. 98% of Caffeine in the Canadian diet Comes from Beverage Sources

Here’s an infographic with even more interesting facts about caffeine:

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Know Your Caffeine Infographic

Infographic courtesy of the Canadian Beverage Association

Tell me: Did you learn anything new about caffeine?

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  1. Elizabeth at Reserved for Running says:

    Definitely did not know caffeine can be found in so many plants. I have my daily iced tea in the morning for my caffeine and rarely drink coffee. Tea is by far my favorite. I could never go entirely caffeine free!

  2. Coffee is on my list also. I’m also training for a half marathon with SportMe marathon trainer. Hope I’ll make it to the finish line, I know it’s all in my mind, all the strength I need for this race. ​

  3. Deborah Brooks says:

    Interesting! I did not know that caffeine was naturally in so many plants. I do love my caffeine!