3 Best Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach

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After having three beautiful babies, the  BIGGEST problem area in my body was my stomach. I hated the pouch and muffin top that was left after having the kids. Now that I’ve lost the weight, (and my troublesome stomach), I want to share with you the 3 best exercises I’ve found to flatten that stomach:

3 Best Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach #weightloss #flatstomach #sixpackabs

3 Best Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach:

  1. Sit Ups– yes I said sit ups, NOT crunches.  Sit ups work your FULL range of motion, therefore strengthening your abs through their full range, not jst the top part of your stomach. That said,  they must be done properly to avoid any possibility of injury to your spine and the neck and head muscles.  Here’s a great video that demonstrates how to do them properly:
    YouTube video
  2. Planks– Planks are a popular core strengthening exercise because not only do they strengthen your abs, but they also strengthen your back. With a strong back and stomach your posture will be better and your stomach will appear flatter. Here’s a video demonstrating how to do a plank:
    YouTube video
  3. Side Planks– Side planks are a variation of the plank exercise above. They also strengthen your back and hip flexors but they have a greater focus on the sides of your body, also known as your external obliques. Improved posture, thanks to strong obliques, give your waist a narrower appearance. Here’s how to do a side plank:
    YouTube video

The three exercises above have really helped me – I have a stronger core, better posture, and look thinner all thanks to those exercises!

Question/Sharing: What are your 3 favourite abdominal exercises?

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  2. christina says:

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for sharing this. A question. How many of each exercise do you do every day?


  3. Thank you very much for sharing these tips. I really want to flatten my stomach and I hope that these exercises will definitely help me to get what I want.

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  4. GeorgeThomas says:

    Thanks for upload great video. It’s very helpful for me. I am trying to do same as your videos.
    I like to do some crunch exercises to focus on certain areas but I never do them alone.

    Such like of website http://www.e35ellipticalreviews.com

  5. How long do you do them though?

  6. LifeInPleasantville says:

    Thanks for the exercises, and the picture too. That’s motivation for a flat belly again.

  7. tummytuckr says:

    the tummy tuck really makes your tummy fit and smooth

  8. Great ideas – you must keep moving – burn the calories. One thing I do to help achieve my “keep moving” goals is to wear a step-counter on my belt – from the time I get up until bedtime. I try to break 10,000 steps a day which can involve some serious speed walking and rebounding. Just a important is the right kind of fat-burning diet. A great resource for ton of tips is http://www.awesomeabsfast.com – worth your time. 😉

  9. Leslie Goldman @ Health Breaks Loose says:

    Thanks for this! Busting bulge from that tricky area is always a challenge but these simple moves do the trick!

  10. Rachel @RunningRachel says:

    Oooh thanks! I guess it is more floor work for me to get rid of this mom to three mum-tum. 🙂

  11. I’ve been loving planks and side planks lately. Also enjoy pilates for a good core workout.

  12. Kris @Krazy_Kris says:

    I’ll take a sit up ANY day over crunches. I love them – love the range of motion – sometimes I’ll use a weight and do a pullover/chest press –
    And yes – love my planks too…
    Can you tell I hate crunches?
    Never do them….
    How about cross body mountain climbers?
    Or side lunge w cross body chop w ball?
    I guess I mostly do core stuff rather than ab stuff…
    although, I’ve been tricked into leg raises and reverse crunces on the decline bench. But I’m never willing.
    OR – the WORST ONE EVER – passing the swiss ball from the ankles to hands in a v sit – hate those/love those – sooooo hard!

    1. Ahhh yea! I love me some mountain climbers too – they’re like a necessary evil 🙂