Healthy and Fun Birthday Party Ideas

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One of the toughest things I ‘ve encountered as a parent is planning my kids ‘ birthday parties. Should I hire an entertainer? What should I serve? How do I keep the party healthy? Etc … With a backyard pool it doesn ‘t make sense for us to go anywhere for a party, so I host cooking/pool parties! Here are some of the things we make:

1. Fruit kebobs ” cut up some fruit (pineapple, grapes, strawberries, bananas etc) and give each kid a stick to slide the fruit on.

fruitkebobs -

2. Veggie kebobs ” cut up some veggies (onion, green, red & yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes etc) and give each kid a stick to slide the fruit on. Brush each stick with oil and grill on the BBQ.

3. Make your own mini pizza ” pizza sauce, shredded cheese, various veggies, pepperoni, ham etc.. Give each kid a whole wheat greek style pita and let them create! Then pop the pizza ‘s in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.


4. Make your own smoothies ” yogourt, ice, fruit ” let each kid decide what fruit they want and blend. If the kids are older, let them press the blender button.

5. Make your own frozen yogourt sundae (this is a great alternative to a cake). Vanilla frozen yogourt topped with strawberries, bananas, and chocolate ” yum!

6. Chocolate fondue ” dip fruit in melted chocolate, I find that the good Belgian chocolate from Bulk Barn w
works well. (This isn ‘t the healthiest option on my list, but it at least gets them to eat some fruit).

My daughters are 5 and 3 and they love these! Not only have these activities kept them and their friends entertained, but they also encouraged them to eat healthier foods. Two birthday problems solved at once!

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  1. Virag AKA The Escapist mom says:

    Hey, these are really great tips, thank you! I am always out of healthy food ideas for my kids.

  2. holiday party venues NYC says:

    There are really some useful tips on setting up an event. I got such a nice information from this part of article. Thanks for sharing such type of great information.

  3. BARF! Glad your not my mom!

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