25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Runners

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25 stocking stuffers for runners

My husband and I have this debate at Christmas every.single.year…

My job is to stuff everyone’s stockings: my husband’s and my three daughters’, while my husband’s ONLY Christmas job (besides buying me a gift) is to stuff MY stocking. He always says he has no idea what to get me, while I argue that there are TONS of things to stuff in a runner’s stocking, one visit to a running store would be enough.  And every year, on Christmas Eve I find out that he didn’t get me anything, so I run around the house finding things that the kids don’t know that I already have so that I can put on a good show:

“Oh wow, look! Santa brought me an entire stocking of loose pony-tail elastics!”

Sound familiar?

So this year I thought I would make Santa’s job easy so that Mrs Claus doesn’t end up with yet another stocking full of recycled items…

Here are 25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Runners:

So that Mrs Claus doesn't end up with yet another empty stocking... Here are 25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Runners http://fitnesscheerleader.com/products-gear/25-stocking-stuffer-ideas-for-runners/

  1. Jelly Belly extreme sports beans!, A good set of waterproof ear buds!, A gift certificate to Rock My Run for some great music mixes, a bottle of ibuprofen? lol Ben Gay, An ice pack! via www.pamelamkramer.com  
  2. Double caffeine Gu, for those wild and crazy people. Immodium …because you’ll need it. And santa socks. via www.losingweightinthecity.com  
  3. Fun/sparkly headbands and bright/crazy socks. PS – I hope you give Santa all these tips!. via http://readytechrun.com  
  4. Smartwool socks and Snickers Bars. I let my inner five year old choose our trail running snacks and candy bars always win. via http://ariavie.blogspot.com  
  5. BioFreeze, tennis balls to roll out their feet, black nail polish to cover up black toenails.http://happyfitmama.com  
  6. Compression socks and arm warmers! http://misszippy1.com  
  7. Hair ties and a hat or headband with the ponytail hole! http://marciashealthyslice.com  
  8. ActiveBands (sparkly head bands), gloves, Gels/chomps, chapstick, iTunes giftcards, socks, ear warmers.http://ashanddiz.com/  
  9. Cliff Gel Shots, headbands/hair ties, iPhone/iPod arm band, running gloves and ear warmers for winter runs, running socks, spa or massage gift card, sunscreen! http://running-tall.com  
  10. Energy gels/chews, smartwool socks, 13.1 or 26.2 car sticker/magnets, running themed ornaments, a winter running hat, a giftcard to his/her favorite running store.http://fromcouchtoironwoman.com  
  11. Tubes of nuun, compression socks (Pro Compression has their holiday sock out!), sparkly soul headbands, gosport id gift card, handana, knuckle lights.http://melissarunningit.com  
  12.  Simple Hydration Bottle,http://www.addicted2running.com  [Tweet “So that Mrs Claus doesn’t end up with yet another empty stocking, here are 25 ideas http://fitnesscheerleader.com/products-gear/25-stocking-stuffer-ideas-for-runners/ #runchat”]
  13. A Runner’s Christmas Cracker filled with goodies … see post: http://www.runwiki.org/2012/12/05/christmas-crackers-for-runners/  
  14. Headbands, Energy chews, Camis, Water bottle!! http://happyhealthyconfident.com/  
  15. A coupon for a massage- whether it’s for a spa day or done by the one you love is up to you, haha! http://www.frugalbeautiful.com  
  16. A light for night running, Road ID bracelet, headbands, handheld water bottle, SPIbelt, iTunes gift card, Chapstick, Nuun, KT tape.Http://runningandbakingohmy.blogspot.com  
  17. Athletic Body Wipes and  Neutrogena Baby Faces sunblock  http://runningescapades.blogspot.com  
  18. Sparkly Soul headbands! I’m doing a giveaway until Wednesday!  http://wp.me/p2IaEk-1u6  
  19. Gu Chomps, fun headbands, a tennis ball, KT tape and Body Glide! http://theperfectcompilationtape.blogspot.com  
  20. Swiftwick socks http://aveteranrunnah.com/  
  21. babysitting coupons for 1 hr… any mother runner needs this & it’s free to gift! <— I REALLY like this one! Hint… Hint… 
  22. Rock Tape, Snuggbuds earphones, iTunes gift card, individual small chocolate milks and sunscreen www.runstylish.com  
  23. toe socks, body glide/2toms, good hair ties, itunes gift card (for music), chapstick, foam roller (ball – smaller?), ear warmers, running gloves http://www.runningrachel.com  
  24.  I would LOVE a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband, a new @lululemon yoga mat, and obviously as many running clothes as possible  http://pickyrunner.wordpress.com/  
  25. Race entries, new shoes, anything from my under armour post, nuun, compression socks, sunglasses, beer, hat or visor http://www.fitmomintraining.com 

Question/Sharing: What would you like Santa to put in your stocking?

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  PS – I’m linking up with Run to the Finish’s stocking stuffer linkup

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  2. Lucie Palka says:

    Those are all great ideas. I’m struggling right now to come up with my own wish list for my family. I can definitely get inspired by your stocking stuffer ideas.

  3. Tricia@MissSippipiddlin says:

    I’ve got a similar post coming up but dang I missed some great ideas! Maybe my family will see this and fill in where I missed! 🙂

  4. Lisa @ RunWiki says:

    What a fantastic list of stocking stuffers! Thank you so much for the shout out!

    1. No problem! I re-purposes a post originally written in 2012 🙂

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  7. 117084518404817 says:

    Hope I get some NUUN Tabs in my stocking because I have always wanted to try them! 🙂

  8. 167383980045178 says:

    Great list! I’m sending this to my hubs (and Santa)!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fab list! I make my husband buy presents for his family too, They often get them late…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fab list! I make my husband buy presents for his family too, They often get them late…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fab list! I make my husband buy presents for his family too, They often get them late…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Fab list! I make my husband buy presents for his family too, They often get them late…

  13. 712765976 says:

    Don’t forget to send this list to Mr. Claus! I can sense your grandmother’s influence with the snickers bars! LOL

  14. 231988460155005 says:

    This is a great stocking stuffer list! LOVE the Road ID (essential, IMO), KT Tape, and tennis balls (someone is always stealing mine!)