Resistance Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby

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As I mentioned in my solo parenting post yesterday, babies love to exercise with mommy or daddy. What I failed to include in that post was specific examples of exercises you can do WITH your baby, so I busted out my iphone and recorded a short exercise session that I did with baby Amber:

YouTube video

As you can see, Amber had a great time and I got to workout my legs, arms, and core – essentially my full body!!

Do you workout with your kids? What exercises do you like to do?

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  1. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Love it — Great way to bond and what a great example to set early! My kids are older now but I remember every time I picked them up I thought who needs weights!

  2. Carol Dunlop says:

    The baby has fun and you get in extra exercise, done! Thanks for the tips and the cute visual.

  3. What great suggestions. My kids are teens now and don’t like doing much with their Mama anymore, but I used to do some of those things with them when they were younger.

  4. Kris @Krazy_Kris says:

    But of course! Babies = Mega Weight! I’m out of my baby stage, but I do have 2 toddler nephews that are my buddies at the park and kettlebell substitutes 🙂

  5. I love this! Amber is such a cutie. I just tried some of these with my toddler and he thought it was so much fun. Great post!