YES! You CAN Get Fit at Home!

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Five years ago I had my first child – she was colicky, clingy and exclusively breast fed.  I wanted to get fit, but couldn’t bring myself to leave her in the daycare of the gym, or leave her with someone else at home.  As a result, I had a really hard time losing the 40lbs of pregnancy weight that I gained that year.  Truthfully I’ve never completely lost all of it – I have about 9lbs left to go (but it’s not about my weight)

You see when I was completing my Kinesiology degree many moons ago, you could often find me lifting weights in the dryland conditioning center or out running.  I was very comfortable in a gym because of my education, and believed that in order to be fit and healthy you needed to be lifting some serious weight.

I was wrong.

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Getting fit at home - with the whole family!

You CAN get fit anywhere you please as long as you have two things: MOTIVATION and DETERMINATION!

I’m just learning about getting fit at home – it’s taken me over five years to embrace the concept 🙂 and I’ve spent time looking around… Guess what I’ve found??! There’s a TON of tools that can help you reach your fitness goals AT HOME!  Yanno, without an expensive gym membership.

Here are the options I’ve found for myself:

  • EASports Active Workouts for the Wii
  • Just Dance for the Wii
  • Valslides & the corresponding DVD
  • Kettlebells and the Enter The KettleBells Workout DVD
  • The 30 day Shred DVD
  • p90X DVD’s and nutrition plan

I’m still learning, and I was wondering, what are your personal get fit at home choices?

PS – Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I’ve been asked to be a panelist at the Play Your Way-Personal Fitness Twitter Party w/ @GameStop from 8-10pm EST!! We’ll be discussing the many ways to get fit at home – care to join me?

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  1. Home workouts are great. My martial arts training taught me how to exercise by myself. Although I learnt in class over many years, all the exercises can be done on your own. All traditional fitness exercises, like we used to do in PE class at school. All very effective.

  2. I’ve always been a workout at home gal. We’ve got free weights and dumbbells; jump ropes, medicine balls; and of course you can use you’re own body weight! I used to go up and down my stairs when both my kids were babies and I couldn’t get out. The original stair master! The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. Kris @Krazy_Kris says:

    Janice – that’s so funny – I’ve never been a DVD girl (although I’m considering Insanity – it goes well with my krazy theme). I love the ability to workout at home – for 5 minutes or 30 minutes. I love my gadgets: a few dumbbells, 15 lb KB, jump rope, med ball, a band, swiss ball. And I’ve been known to do 20 min workouts – 5 exercises x 1 minute each, for 3 sets. Throw in a tabata closer & I’m sweaty & done!

    When it’s nice outside – I crank up the music in my back yard and do box jumps on my steps, squat/rows with a cable on my railing, tri dips, walking lunges around the grass & faker mini step class with curls. It’s pretty darn fun actually.

    And my nephew toddlers enjoy it too – they just roll around the balls 😀