Injured Ankle Core Workout #MotivateMe Monday

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 Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend? Here the weather was amazing!  I spent my weekend in and out of arenas while the girls played in a hockey tournament. When they weren’t playing we were able to hang out outside with the other parents while the kids ran around.  It was nice because in the winter the kids get all grumpy trying to kill time between games on ipads etc.  

My recovery from Ragnar Trail last week went well, and I’ve now transitioned back into training.  

This week’s recovery/training

Monday – I skipped my boot camp workout and my run, I needed more time to recover.

Tuesday – went for a lunch run. I had good intentions of doing my run as an easy recovery run but my legs felt great so I followed their lead.  Ran 6k with an average pace of 5:58 min/km.  Later that night I did the Nike Training Club Ab Burner workout.

Wednesday – bootcamp class.  We do this partner exercise with a thick band. One partner holds the band while the other wears it around their waist.  The partner with the band around their waist tries to run/pull the other across the room, while the other partner provides resistance.  This exercise trashed my legs!

Thursday – Headed over to Juliette’s house before work to do a core workout with her.  Juliette badly injured her ankle at Ragnar on the weekend so we had to be creative in finding exercises to do that didn’t aggravate her injury (see workout below).  Later in the day I tried to run at lunch but my entire body hated me.  I ended up doing a very easy 3k walk/run.

IMG 3880 e1505695865887 -

Friday – rest day.  Spent the day focused entirely on the family at the hockey tournament.

Saturday – ran 6k before we had to leave to go to the arena for my daughters’ games. Apparently drivers in my town aren’t used to seeing pedestrians at 7 am. After my run I did the “injured ankle core workout”.

IMG 3898 -

Sunday – found myself with some free time home with my 6 yr old daughter. Unfortunately she hasn’t caught on to riding a bike yet (ugh) so that I can run with her while she rides, so I put my bike on the indoor trainer and did a 45 minute cycle/kettlebell circuit with her in the garage (alternated 3 min bike riding with 1 minute kettlebell exercises – squats, lunges, pushups x3).

Injured ankle core workout

The core workout I did with Juliette ended up being about 23 minutes long and we were both sweating pretty heavily by the end of it.  I liked that it was a workout we could do together even though she can’t do any weight bearing on her injured ankle.  Even though I don’t have an injured ankle, I enjoyed that it worked my core and I wasn’t limited by my back or arm strength like so many core workouts do that have a strong emphasis on planks. (Ugh – I hate planks!). 

Injured ankle core workout - let your ankle heal while you maintain core strength.

This week’s fitness plan:

Monday: bootcamp class
Tuesday: 6k lunch run
Wednesday: bootcamp class
Thursday: 6k lunch run
Friday: 6k lunch run
Saturday: MEC Trail race?  
Sunday: rest

Ideally I’d like to run 4 times, and do 2 bootclasses.  I may also have an opportunity to do the MEC trail race at Dundas Valley on Saturday, but that depends on the hockey schedule.

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