You Might Be a BodyPumper If…

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…you like to stand using a split stance for greater stability.
…you feel an urge to do lunges while walking down the road.
…when you sit down on the toilet, you pull your hips back, pull out you chest and check that your knees don’t go beyond your toe line.
…you make sure your wrists are straight as you are driving your car.
…you have your abs switched on while at the office, watching TV, etc.
…you sit down in a chair just as if you were starting a 4 x 4 squat movement.
…clean and press no longer applies to doing the laundry.
…you prefer to eat donuts with your thumb in the hole!
…you know the difference between a deadlift and a deadrow.
…you do quick spinal rotations at random intervals throughout your day.
…you use a small child to practice the clean and press.
…you understand that “melt it down” isnt referring to a baking direction.
…you’ve never been back to the weight room since you started BP!
…the traditional weight-lifting wisdom of 3 sets of 12 repetitions simply isn’t satisfying enough.
…you can’t lift weights without the music!
…whenever a pump song comes on the radio you start going through all the moves in your head.
…you can “hear the beat” in popular songs.
…you catch yourself talking in sync with the cadence of a song.
…you hear cool songs and try to visualize their usage in a future BP release.
…when you go to the disco, on your first song, you move every major muscle group to properly warm up.
…you have a pet named Les Mills.
…you count down the days to new release week.

I gotta admit I’ve done pretty much all of these things…. Have you? Are you a BodyPumper?

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  1. Hahah! LoVE THIS!! I could TOTALLY relate to MANY of these!!

  2. I LOVE BodyPump … I actually love everything Les Mills! And I have to admit to many of these myself 🙂

  3. I love BodyPump. One my favorite weeks was the week I learned to teach it. It was challenging and so empowering. Les Mills is a great organization. I wish I could still teach it.