25 Days of Strength Advent Calendar

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This week I have something new for you… a three-week challenge as we head into the holidays!  With the count down to Christmas starting tomorrow,  I’m challenge you to 25  24 strength moves to do between now and Christmas.  

I’ve put it together into a fitness advent calendar:

25 Days of Strength Advent calendar - 25 different strength moves to count down to ChristmasFOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DO THESE EXERCISES VISIT:

Most of these are body weight exercises that you can do anywhere,  almost all the exercise instructions can be found in this one great post on Greatist.  I did this on purpose to keep things simple.  

The challenge:

You can either do three sets of as many of the day’s exercise as you can, or build up the exercises into a kick butt circuit, ie:

Day 1: Three sets of Tuck Jumps,
Day 2: Three sets of Tuck Jumps and Pushups with Shoulder Taps,
Day 3: Three sets of Tuck Jumps, Pushups with Shoulder Taps and Wall Sits.  

However you choose to approach this is up to you.  I’ll personally be building this up into a kick butt circuit.

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Will you do one exercise per day, or will you do this challenge as a circuit?

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