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WordPress, the most widely used open-source blogging software, gives you complete control over the design and display of your content. In addition to writing blog posts, WordPress allows you to create pages, add categories, customize your site design, define how posts appear, and more.

However, with WordPress ‘s openly accessible code and advanced control over the design and functionality, many people find themselves in over their heads quickly. If you need help with a self-hosted WordPress blog, I offer various WordPress  consulting services.

Customizing an Existing Theme

If you ‘re starting out with a new WordPress site, I recommend that you choose headwaythemes.com  and then have me alter it to fit your needs. There are thousands of WordPress themes already created, and it makes sense to start with an existing WordPress framework.

I have a developer membership with  headwaythemes.com. Their theme is well-designed and supported, and responsive (meaning they display well on mobile devices).  I can implement it, and customize it  to match your site or brand.and alter it to fit your style preferences and needs. When I implement Headway, I won ‘t charge you for the cost of the theme, only for its implementation. If you have a theme from another site, I can work with that as well, but I would add the cost of the theme into the project ‘s cost.

Making Site Modifications

You may already have a WordPress site but just need some modifications. For example, maybe your site has been hacked and you need to increase the security. Maybe you want to change the design, integrating a new logo or color scheme. Maybe you want to customize the typography, the number of columns, the sidebar, or other areas. I can make these modifications to your theme to get it looking just how you want it.

Small Jobs

I do WordPress consulting as a side job to my regular job. As such, I specialize in small projects usually ranging between $100 to $1,500. If your site falls within this range, it can be a tremendous advantage for you. Other WordPress developers that do WordPress full-time may not bother to take on small projects within this range. But this is where I excel and can give you the most value. I will give your project the same time and attention as any large project.

Ongoing Support

Once I complete your WordPress project, I ‘m still available for support and questions. If you find, for example, that you want to add a certain plugin, or you need to upgrade your site to the latest WordPress version, or if something goes wrong with your web host, I ‘m available to respond to questions and help out.

One detail many users often fail to realize is the dynamic and constantly changing nature of the web. WordPress regularly updates its core software several times a year. Theme development companies such as woothemes update their themes several times a year as well. Many times these updates protect your site against security vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and introduce other improvements. I can provide regular maintenance services with your site to update WordPress and your theme, keeping you up to date with the latest versions.


Before beginning a project, I always give you an up-front estimate of the cost. I can give you a formal or informal estimate, depending on how much detail you know about the project before we begin. In general, I charge about $50 an hour. For a typical project, implementing a new theme from scratch or transferring an existing site to WordPress, the project cost might be between $300 to $600. The cost varies depending on the type of project and the work involved. If the project scope increases from the original estimate, I can let you know and make adjustments accordingly.


I transact all payment through Paypal. Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal itself. You can also submit payments through checks. I don ‘t submit Paypal invoices to you until after the project is complete and you ‘re satisfied with the result.

How to Contact Me

Contact me by sending me an email at janice@fitnesscheerleader.com. You can also use the form below. If you would like me to call you to discuss your project, send me an email with your phone number and we ‘ll set up a time to chat.

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