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I’m an Aqua-holic

This week’s Guest Post is from: Scott of Online Fitness Information Center (@scottgofit).   He’s a fitness enthusiast, husband and father of 2.   In this post he shares the eight benefits of drinking water.

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8 Benefits of drinking water

If you, or somone you know, constantly feels fatigued, hungry, or are dealing with chronic headaches. This could be the easiest, and yet most effective remedy for you. Our culture today seems to promote drinking everything except water. Water is practically free. I guess maybe that is why.

Some may justify that there is enough water contained in our coffee, or beer, or soda to get our full servings for the day. “C’mon Man!” Simply replacing that diet soda with water will affect your hunger pattern for the better, help you feel energized longer (no crash), and actually quench your thirst!

Consider these 8 benefits of drinking water:

1- Weight Loss. Replaces high calorie drinks like juice, alcohol, and worse yet, soda (diet soda has many drawbacks, too, dealing with hunger issues and chemicals). Water acts as an appetite suppressant, as often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty (dehydrated). Water has no fat, no calories, no sugar, and no carbs. Drink plenty to help with your weight loss program.

2- Energy. Dehydration steals your energy and makes you feel tired. Prolonged dehydration leads to fatigue, weakness, and dizziness. Infuse your body with plenty of water to feel lively and awake during the day.

3- Headaches. Water can play an important role in being one of the key reasons why people have chronic headaches. For some it could be the only cure they need. A simple, clean, good hydration habit …practically free!

4- Healthy Skin. Helps replace dull, pasty, dry looking skin with a healthy glow. Like giving water to a dehydrated plant or tree, watch your external appearance improve over a relatively short time.

5- Digestion. Our body requires a good amount of water to digest food properly. It can cure stomach acid problems. Along with fiber, can also help deal with constipation. Again, often a result of dehydration.

6- Cleansing. Water helps flush your body from toxins and other unwanted waste products.

7- Reduce Cancer Risk. Drinking the proper amount of water can help reduce the risk of several forms of cancer. Particularly colon and bladder cancer among others.

8- Better Exercise. Being dehydrated can reduce your perfomance significantly. Fitness exercise requires additional water so be sure to hydrate before, during, and after working out. This is especially true if you are using sports supplements.

Drinking enough water is simply a habit. As is not drinking enough water. Water filters are a great way to go. Bottled water can be convenient. Drinking water and driving is perfectly legal ; . ) Throughout your day, whether you are thirsty or not, keep taking several swigs. In fact, if you feel thirsty, you are already at dehydration levels. So this round is on the house. Have a drink …and another …on me. GoFit!

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