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Transfer Your Blog to Self-Hosted WordPress for Only $30 Today!

Take advantage of‘s Black Friday/Cyber Monday special today,
and I’ll migrate your blog for only 30!!!

Not sure if Self-Hosted is for you?

Below is a list of five reasons why a move from Blogger or to WordPress is a smart move:

1) Self-Hosted WordPress is widely perceived as more professional than Blogger.

Since everyone knows that Blogger and are for Ã…”free blogging  companies or clients often see a Blogger blog as less serious or committed. A self-hosted WordPress blog demonstrates a higher level of investment, which is often interpreted as commitment or legitimacy.

2) WordPress allows functionality that free blogs do not.

With free blogs you are using free hosting. Since they are offering you a free service, there are a lot of constraints around what can and cannot be done on their servers. In the case of, their updated terms of service (TOS) even prevents you from running third-party ads, or sponsored posts. On a self-hosted WordPress blog those constraints are lifted. You could set up a store-front, configure a landing page, create a social network, or run a forum all from your very own WordPress installation.

3) On self-hosted WordPress YOU own your site.

Every week I am contacted by bloggers whose blogs have been marked as SPAM by Google’s robots. Sometimes they get their blog back in a few hours. However, one blogger lost her blog for four weeks (shudder)! Even more frustrating is that when Google flags your blog, there is no person to contact and no easy recourse. You just fill out a form and wait for a reply. If you are blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog this could not happen ” you own your content on a server that you control. If there is a problem, you simply contact your hosting company to address it.

4) You can optimize your blog for the search engines (SEO).

If you are serious about having your blog rank high with search engines, you should strongly consider a self-hosted WordPress blog. With a self-hosted blog you can actively manage the SEO value of posts, pages and images, and you can install sitemap plugins to help Google read your content. This can translate to higher search results and more traffic (visitors to your site).

5) The support from the WordPress community is fast and vibrant.

If you have every tried to get a question answered on either the Blogger or forums you know how painful it is to get help. Queries will go unanswered for weeks, months, years? My experience has been the exact opposite with WordPress. Since many professional web designers use WordPress for their clients, the information available is incredibly rich and useful. There is honestly no comparison.

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Redirect your domain name
  3. Set up akismet for spam protection
  4. Configure security plugins
  5. Configure SEO plugins including an XML sitemap
  6. Configure a BackUp plugin
  7. Configure CloudFlare
  8. Connect your self-hosted wordpress to jetpack
  9. Set up social sharing
  10. Export your posts and comments and import them to your new blog
  11. Re-create the design you have on blogger/ including all sidebar widgets
  12. Update the wordpress permalinks to match your old permalinks in order to maintain your google page rank
  13. Redirect your followers and subscribers to your new self-hosted WordPress site
  14. Redirect any visits to your old blog address to your new self-hosted WordPress site

Sound Good? Sign up today!!

Step 1 – Sign up for blog hosting:

Step 2 – Complete your purchase via PayPal:

Type of Migration

Step 3 – Complete the blog transfer form
(Once you’ve completed your purchase via PayPal, you will be brought to a form where you can provide me with the details of your transfer request (ie: login credentials etc).

Transfer Your Blog to WordPress Today!


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