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Tech Tuesday: What Will Apple Announce Today?

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As many of you know, I’m a HUGE Apple iPhone and iPad addict – yep, even this post is being written from my iPad with my Logitech Tablet Keyboard(which, BTW, I highly recommend investing in if you have an iPad – it’s been well worth the money). So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I’ve been eagerly awaiting today’s announcement by Apple.

Yes, in an hour from now, Apple will make some very much anticipated announcements, and while I’m at my hair appointment (first hair cut since Amber was born!) I’ll be closely following the live blogging on Mashable.  If you aren’t able to follow the LIVE BLOGGING on Mashable, then follow me, @fitcheerldr because I’ll be tweeting during the event.

What will Apple announce?!

Will Apple reveal a new model iPhone?
Some Tech sites are speculating a new iPhone5 will be revealed. 14 months ago the iPhone4 was revealed… is it time for a new model? Will the new iPhone be teardrop shaped? Boast an A5 CPU? And perhaps an 8 mega pixel camera?

Will Apple reveal a new iOS?
The Apple website proudly outlines some of the over 200  features of the new iOS5 for the iPad2 and the iPhone4. The most exciting (for me anyways) is Twitter integration, a Notification Center similar to the Android operating system, and iMessaging, a messaging system similar to Black Berry Messenger (BBM). And I can’t forget to mention iCloud – oh that looks promising! Seamlessly integrating all of your apps to access your content on all of your devices.  (Apparently I’m not the only Apple addict out there with multiple devices).

I’m absolutely giddy with excitement over this because a software upgrade always makes my phone feel brand spanking new!

What do you think?  What will Apple announce today?

(Join the discussion below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!)


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