Sporting Life 10k Race Report

So yesterday I wrote about my awesome Mother’s Day weekend, but I left out one of the best parts about it …

The Sporting Life 10k! You may remember that a few weeks ago I won free race entry in this race courtesy of a giveaway sponsored by Chobani Yogurt on Morgan’s blog Ã…”Life After Bagels . A free race on Mother’s Day? YES! There is no way my hubby would put up a fight about solo parenting our three girls for that! Sweet!

I double lucked out when my co-worker who also was running the race offered to get my race kit for me. Thank you K!

<RANT>I don’t know about you, but picking up race kits is VERY inconvenient for me, and is not the least bit eco-friendly when you consider how much gas I burn driving to get to these inconvenient locations. Now that timing chips are a piece of metal affixed to the back of a race bib, why can’t races MAIL them out? I’d be willing to pay an extra $5 on my race entry for that convenience because a ¼ tank of gas runs me $20.</END RANT>

Saturday night, I laid out my race gear and went to bed a bit earlier than usual in order to be able to get up MUCH earlier than I normally do. (Yes, waking up at 6 am is early for this night owl):

(Do you like my “Bad Ass” socks?)

Thankfully little Miss Amber cooperated with me and SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! She did wake up 20 min after my alarm when I was all dressed in my gear and pretty much ready to go. Not wanting a repeat of the boob issues I experienced with the Scotia Bank Half Marathon and the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon, I eagerly went to her to take the opportunity to nurse her before I left for the race. When I picked her up from her crib I must have either squeezed her just a bit too tight, or her coughing caused some phlegm to hit her gag reflex because she dry heaved a few times as I picked her up. Lovely. I had visions of the contents of her stomach spilling out all over my race outfit … Now wouldn’t that be a great way to start a race morning? Thankfully nothing came out, but I was very cautious nursing her.

Because Amber woke up early, I had to wake hubby up early so I could leave to drive to the race. I would have happily taken her and ran with her in the jogger, but this race didn ‘t allow strollers. Actually, I find that most races in my area aren’t allowing them anymore. I totally get why they don’t and I ‘m sure when my kids are older I’d hate to navigate around parents with strollers in races too, but like the race kit pickup thing, it’s inconvenient for my stage of life.

I finally got away from the house at 6:45 am ” a little later than I had anticipated because of Amber’s unexpected wake up, but I was happy to have had the opportunity to cuddle with her before I left the house, even if she was screaming bloody murder to guilt me as a I left. (When am I going to stop feeling guilty for leaving?).

The drive to Toronto was mostly uneventful, except for a minor slowdown because the 401 was blocked going the opposite direction as me because a transport trailer had hit a SUV and jack knifed. I really hope everyone involved in that accident is ok.

I arrived to the race start with a good 45 min to spare, and was able to find parking after 10 min of driving around. I swear the hardest part about races is finding parking and lining up for the port-potty’s. Thankfully the spot I found was near a wooded area so that I could empty my bladder without having to endure the dreaded porta-potty line up. There were 22,000 people registered for this race so it was either pee in the bushes, or spend my entire 45 min of free time before the race lined up …

I got to the race and walked to my corral ” I was in the red corral, which when I looked it up online before the race was for those wishing to finish in 48 min or less …. Uhhhhhh yeah ” I totally was in the wrong corral, so I moved to the very back of the group and lined up at the front of the under 52 minutes group. Here’s a picture from my starting place:

(There were 22,000 people!!)

The gun went off and we all began our descent down Yonge Street. The race was mostly straight down Yonge for about 7km, then it turned West, then South to the finish line. I didn ‘t bring ear phones with me, nor did I remember to bring a pouch for my money, keys or phone, so I ran clinging to my stuff that I stuffed into my sports bra for dear life. If I lost my money I wouldn’t be able to get back to the start line to drive home. If I lost my car key, I couldn’t drive home either …

I ran and ran. There aren’t any pictures to show you because there was no one there cheering me on to take a picture of me. You’ll just have to take my word for it 🙂

My training (if you can even call it training) hasn’t been very focused ” I’ve been following my routine of spinning on Mondays, BodyPump on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with 3 runs of varying lengths and intensities sprinkled in the rest of the days for good measure. I wasn’t expecting much from this race, and was just looking forward to a free morning away from the family to do what I love most ” racing! So when I finally I reached the finish line I was shocked by what I saw: the GPS on my phone, which I believe to be fairly accurate said I ran 10.23km in 51:24 with an average pace of 5:00/km.

My official chip time was 51:13 ” I set a new 10k personal best!!

After the race I wandered around the post-race Ã…”party , stopped to get some delicious Chobani yogurt (guys you have to try it!) and took a picture of myself next to the famous Ã…”Cho-Mobile :

(Pardon the dorky self photo)

Afterwards I took the shuttle to the subway, took the subway back to the start, walked to my car and then drove home. I finally arrived back home three hours after I finished the race.   tMy family surprised me by wanting to help me celebrate my new personal best with a nice brunch (I seriously love that my daughters are so supportive and excited about my running).

(My race junk)

All in all it was a great race and a great Mother’s Day morning – there’s nothing better than having some free time to do what we love most.


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  • Cherie
    May 16, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Congrats on the PR!! And I looooove Chobani. I’m currently out and this just helped me to remember to add it to the grocery list! I also 100% second your rant about the picking up of the race packets!! Gas is too darn high for all of that! Love the socks! 🙂

  • Laura
    May 16, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    What a great way to kick off Mother’s day! A surprise pr is the best–congrats to you!

  • Lyka Ricks
    May 17, 2012 at 12:09 am

    Wow! You’re really amazing! Being a mom and a run ambassador. I just enjoyed your report.Cool Chobus pic too!

  • Amber K
    May 17, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Congrats on your race! I don’t think about races much since I don’t do them, and it never occurred to me how silly it is to not just mail the stuff out. It seems so obvious!


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