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Reebok Ragnar Niagara Race Recap 2017 – Leg 2


Disclosure: Our team and this post is sponsored by Reebok Canada, but like always, this is my honest opinion.

Reebok Ragnar Niagara Race Recap 2017 (1)

Today I’m sharing my recap of the Reebok Ragnar Relay Niagara – leg 2, in my previous post I shared with you a recap of my leg 1.  When I left off our 6th runner was floating away to meet runner 7 (Allison, our team captain) at the first Major Exchange.  

When we arrived at the exchange I felt icky and gross from my run, so I stayed back at the van to change into my next set of running gear:

Reebok activchill running gear and Reebok floatride shoes

Reebok Activchill shirt, Activechill Speedwick capris and Reebok Floatride Shoes 
(Floatride shoes available at Reebok.ca and select Running Room Locations).

Unfortunately while I was changing I missed seeing Ben hand off to Allison, but while I was walking to the exchange Allison passed by – I was so excited to see her!! I knew how much this race meant to her, so it was great to see her run by.

No stopping Allison!

At this first major exchange there was an opportunity to do some shopping.  I love visors, so I set out to find myself one.  For those of you sick of seeing instagram photos of my Ironman visor you’ll be happy to know that I found myself a new visor!

(I’m not sure why this photo is flipped weird)

Now that our van was done for a few hours it meant we could head out to find some LUNCH! I was super hungry! from my last Ragnar experience I remembered how important it is to keep eating, even when you don’t feel like it… We headed over to Applebees where I had a delicious stirfry.  Real food for the win!  

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After lunch we headed to Starbucks (yet again) for some coffee to wake us up.  We were all starting to feel tired from our run and early wake up call.  We then headed to Major Exchange 2 to wait for van 1.  I spent a lot of that time massaging Ange & Carmy’s calves & stretching them out.  

At 6 pm it was time to get our night gear on for our night legs.  It seemed early but night time creeped up on us rather quickly.  

There were lots of jokes and laughs with this team.

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

Finally van 1’s last runner (Lisa) was on her way and van 1 met up with us at the exchange.  Since I had missed seeing them at the previous exchange this was the first time I saw them!

Floatride shoes everywhere!

Lisa came in and handed off to Carmy, so away we went!

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

Carmy’s route was changed at the last minute due to flooding so her 7k run turned into an 8k run (I love the unpredictability of Ragnar’s).  Carmy then handed off to Ange, then Ange to Eric:

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

Then Eric to me:

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

My second leg was a 5k with a net downhill along Kingston Road, and I CRUSHED it!  I haven’t run that fast in ages! Sure the slope helped, but it seriously helped to restore my confidence in my running. I haven’t run well, or felt good while running in a LONG time! Perhaps it was the shoes? (I seriously LOVE racing in my Floatrides!).

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While running I passed by Cathy’s company Gawck (Cathy and her company made our super cute van decals), so I stopped to take a picture:

I then booted it up a small hill to hand off to Erik:

Go Erik go!

Erik then booted it down to Cherry St. in Toronto to hand off to Ben. (Sorry guys, I was too busy eating Lisa’s yummy cookies to get a picture).  Ben was our van’s last runner, so we were almost done our second leg!  We then drove through downtown Toronto and met back up with Van 1 at Humber Bay Park. 

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

Night running is scary and unsafe, so Ben ran right through the exchange and continued running with Allison – this is true team work!

(Photo courtesy of Erik Loponen)

I cannot say how much I love this picture – running is generally an individual sport, but Ragnar’s turn it into a team event, and the success of your team comes from how well they work together when they are tired and hungry. 

Stay tuned for my Leg 3 recap and enjoy these posts from my teammates:

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