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A Much Needed Easter Run

I’ve come to the oh-so-scientific conclusion that Amber is teething. How do I know? I just do – call it Mother’s intuition, or perhaps it’s because my happy baby who WAS sleeping through the night, has suddenly:

  • become very cranky
  • and drooly
  • while shoving her fists down her throat
  • and nursing… A LOT!
  • not to mention her new diaper rash

See – she’s teething, right?

Last night was BAH-RU-TAL! I even Skype messaged a few of my friends (Greta, Rachel and Stephanie) at 2 am:

“2am… I’ve already been woken up 3 times…”

Why did I do that? I dunno – perhaps misery loves company?

Boy was I ever GRUMPY in the morning – not even Easter chocolate could cure me! (ANd that’s sayin’ something!)

Around noon, I managed to convince hubby that I NEEDED to go for a run. I tried to go SOLO, but 5 year old Sierra insisted on riding her bike alongside me. (Truthfully I rather like running with her because she rides right beside me and we have some really nice mother daughter talks).


Proof of my 5.5Km run

Afterwards my crankies were gone…


I tell you! Running is an AH-MAZING cure for the “I totally did not get enough sleep to deal with kids hyped out on chocolate” cranks.

(Oh and it certainly helped that the weather was FINALLY nice enough for me to wear my new 4All by Jofit Side Pocket Sport Skort)


Look at those legs!

The rest of the day went smoother, the kids played in the backyard and boucned off their sugar high on the bouncy castle – though I think my hubby should have gone for a run too…. 🙂

Question: How do you deal with the crankies? Do you go to the gym? Go for a run? Eat some chocolate?


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  • Barbara (@ottmomgo)
    April 24, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    I had a sore ankle – injured in a run a couple months ago but stiff from too much time in the car – and worked off my crankies with a solo walk and lots of water (self care for me 😉 I would have loved the zen of a run but that will come on Tuesday.

  • Rachel @RunningRachel
    April 25, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Yeah! I am glad you were able to enjoy your run to POUND the crankies away! It is amazing how well that works!! Great job!

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