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Leave Your Excuses at the Door

Leave your excuses at the door!

Yesterday was an overcast day and the weather person was calling for rain. I ‘m 20 weeks pregnant and have just recovered from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis. The day before I did a tough kick boxing workout with my awesome personal trainer (Rob from and I was still sore from it ” I had every excuse there was not to run. But at my usual time at lunch, I hauled my butt to the bathroom and changed into my running gear. Come hell or high water I was going to run. Not even 1 km into my run the sky opened up on me and it poured ” oh boy did it rain! I was running along a trail with no trees ” completely exposed to the rain. But guess what?


Yes, I got all 5km of my run in … And I felt fantastic afterwards!

I left all of my excuses for not running at the door and went out anyways. Some may call that stubborness, I call it doing what it takes to maintain my health for myself, and for my family.

Get out there folks and do what it takes ” leave your excuses at the door and JUST DO IT! Remember ” You can have excuses or fitness … not both!


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