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Six fresh hacks that will change the way you eat + Enter to Win a $25 SUBWAY Gift Card!

Ever crave a delicious hearty sandwich, but put that craving on hold for something you think is “better for you?” We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting messaging on what we should or shouldn’t eat. As a result, we’re more confused than ever (can you blame us?) and often end up settling for something we didn’t want in the first place or going for it and feeling guilty afterwards. 

Six fresh hacks that will change the way you eat #Nutrition

In honour of Nutrition Month, here are six simple fresh hacks so you can eat more of what you want without the guilt trip, because the first step to leading a healthy lifestyle is being happy with the choices you make – meals included.

  1. Whole Grain for The Win: This might be a no-brainer, but it can’t be stressed enough. Making small changes in your diet like swapping white breads for whole grain-containing breads is not only better for you, but will increase your daily dose of fibre. Try the 9-grain wheat bread next time you’re at SUBWAY®. Your body will thank you.
  1. When In Doubt, Go the Veggie Route: Sometimes serving sizes can be confusing, so if you’re ever in doubt, aim to fill half the plate (#plategoals). If you’re on the go, pop by a SUBWAY® Restaurant – if you ask your sandwich artist to top your 6-inch with all the veggie options available, you’ve already got two full servings covered right there. Easy, right?
  1. Slow down your Sodium Intake: Too much sodium can contribute to a variety of health concerns, not to mention it causes puffiness and bloating – NO thanks! A quick means of reducing your intake is as simple as limiting cheesy or pickled topping on your meal (think: jalapeno peppers this time but no pickles or olives), skipping the bacon and going easy on the sauce. Swap the rest out for fresh and vibrant veggies and it’ll taste so good it won’t even feel like a compromise. On days when you’re just not in the mood to stress about the salt, head over to SUBWAY® Restaurants. The sandwich shop has been reducing sodium in their offerings since 2008 – their low fat 8 under 6 sandwiches now contain almost 30% less sodium!
  1. Walk It Out: On those days where you just have to have a quick and hearty meal out, hold yourself accountable by walking to the restaurant. If you commit to adding some sort of additional physical activity to your day – whether it be walking to satisfy your cravings or taking the stairs instead of the escalator, these small steps will have a greater impact on your health and mental wellbeing.
  1. Get Saucy:  Sorry to tell you, but not all sauces are created equally. Sure, mayonnaise may have once been your go-to, but with so many saucy options nowadays, it’s nice to be able to explore less caloric options like honey mustard. If you “just can’t live without it,” opt for light mayonnaise – it tastes just like the real thing and has half of the calories.
  1. Less Artificial, More of the Real Deal: Everything goes back to the ingredients you put in your body. Read up about an emerging movement in the food industry to reduce artificial colours and flavours – you’d be surprised just how many places are working hard to make eating better easier for everyone.  Familiarize yourself with those places and skip the guilt next time you want to grab a sub (or two) because you know you’re making an informed choice.  


Have some fresh hacks of your own? Share them by tweeting @SUBWAYCanada using #SUBWAYNutritionMonth. Learn more about SUBWAY® Restaurants’ ‘8 under 6 menu’ with eight 6-inch favourites containing 6 grams of fat or less at



$25 SUBWAY® Gift Card

$25 SUBWAY Gift card
Contest ends March 23, 2016 11:59 pm – winners will be contacted March 24, 2016.

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