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Quick, Easy AND Cheap Ways to Curb Your Appetite!

A Quick, Easy AND Cheap Way to Curb Your Appetite!
A Quick, Easy AND Cheap Way to Lose Your Muffin-Top!

Is this really the answer?

So how often do you see headlines like that?  Pills, drinks and foods that PROMISE (or your money back) that you WILL lose weight by trying their product …  Well guess what?  I ‘m going to jump in on that band-wagon and offer you my 3-step solution … The best part is I ‘m offering you this solution for FREE! All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter

Kidding!  There are no strings attached to my solution (though you can still subscribe to my newsletter) – all you have to do is:

1)      SLEEP

Seriously folks it really is that simple!  Here ‘s how it works:

1)                  SLEEP ” when you don ‘t get enough sleep, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol.  This so-called stress hormone (that I ‘ve written about before)  causes our bodies to break down protein (our muscles) turning it to glucose (sugar).   This excess sugar is used for fat production and triggers our bodies to release insulin.   But guess what?   Our bodies over-produce insulin, therefore dropping our  blood sugar levels too low.   This tells our brains that we are ravenously hungry and need to eat. …. So turn off that computer and TV ( Ëœcause they ‘ve both been shown to interfere with your sleep wake/cycles) and go to bed.

2)                  EAT YOUR 7-8 SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES ” the fiber and fluids in fruits and veggies help you to feel full longer ” they ‘re low in fat, sugar and calories!  Truthfully they are also very portable, and are cheaper than a bag of chips or whatever your usual on-the-go snack is. Besides, it ‘s what nature intended for us to eat ” do you think man evolved over millions of years eating Twinkies, chips and funnel cakes?

3)                  DRINK WATER ” very often we feel hungry when we ‘re actually thristy.  If you drink a glass of water (I prefer mine with a slice of lemon) you may find that you ‘re no longer hungry afterwards.  Even if water doesn ‘t take the hunger away, it will contribute to your body ‘s feeling of satiety, and you ‘ll eat less calories in a meal.  Try drinking a large glass of water 15 min before a meal ” chances are you ‘ll probably eat less at that meal.

4)                  EXERCISE MODERATELY FOR 30 MIN/DAY ” exercise causes your body to release a protein from your hypothalamus called BDNF (Brain Derived Neutrofic Factor). Studies have shown that low-BDNF is associated with increased appetite and obesity ” this means that higher levels of BDNF naturally suppresses your appetite.  Other studies have shown that exercise increases your BDNF levels ” so if you ‘re looking to eat less get out there and MOVE!

You know what ‘s the best part of these 4 steps?  They all also help you to reduce your risk for cancer and heart disease!


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  • Rachel
    August 10, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Thanks for the post – I knew sleep was important, but wasn’t aware of the consequences. This is bad news for me, as sleep doesn’t come easy these days. Warm milk and a hot bath maybe?


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