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What I’m Training For #MotivateMe Monday


Happy Monday!

You may have noticed that I’ve really picked up my running and fitness game in the past month. Not only did my cranky SI Joint finally began cooperate at the end of July, it was also time to begin training for something I have always wanted to do….


Ragnar Trail Cottage Country

The best part of this overnight trail relay race (besides being a trail race, and a Ragnar) is that I’m doing this with my best running friends. I’ve done two other Ragnar relays, So Cal in 2013 and Niagara in 2017 but both were with mostly strangers. Sure I knew the people on my teams from online interactions, but I had never really met those teams “in real life” before the race. Hanging out in vans for 30 hours with strangers is way more different than camping out and running trails with friends that you already know.

This time my team consists of:
Juliette (mrsdingo76) – my neighbour, a fellow softball mom, my wine friend, o’dark thirty run crew and my best running friend
Becky (runbeckyrun) – also my neighbour, member of the o’dark thirty run crew, my wine friend and best running friend
Tom (tombay17) – Becky’s husband, bringer of wine to the hot tub as we stretch out post run
Carmy (runcarmyrun) – best blogging friend, Endorphriend team mate from Ragnar Niagara
Erik (kona_and_erik)- Endorphriend team mate from Ragnar Niagara
Sherman (shermanruns) – speedy trail runner from Scarborough
Matt (mathewwade)– another speedy trail runner
And myself (salads4lunch)

Our team name is CHEK SQUAD because Sport Chek is helping us out with cute running clothes and trail running shoes so that we can each find #mybetter. You can follow along our training and journey here.

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(I love the leggings Sport Chek sent us! You can get them here)

Last week’s training:
This week I really found my training mojo and ran 5 times, did two boot camp classes, and played in a softball game!
Monday – Lunch boot camp class + 8.25k trail run
Tuesday – 6.23k lunch run
Wednesday – lunch boot camp class
Thursday – 6.21k lunch run
Friday – 6.94k lunch run with 4 hill repeats
Saturday – 8.20k trail run
Sunday – rest/softball game

This week’s training plan:
This week is the last week of summer break from school for the girls, however hockey has already started back up. The two oldest have hockey every day this week. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend and we don’t have any sports because of the holiday, so that will allow me some extra time to get in a last trail run and try out my new shoes before Ragnar.

Monday – Lunch boot camp class
Tuesday – 7k lunch run
Wednesday – lunch boot camp class
Thursday – 7k lunch run
Friday – 7k lunch run with 4 hill repeats
Saturday – 10k trail run
Sunday – rest/yoga

Have a great week!

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