Reebok Ragnar Niagara Race Recap 2017 – Leg 3


Disclosure: Our team and this post is sponsored by Reebok Canada, but like always, this is my honest opinion.

Reebok Ragnar Niagara Race Recap 2017

Today I’m sharing my recap of the Reebok Ragnar Relay Niagara – leg 3, in my previous posts I shared with you a recaps of leg 1 and leg 2.  When I left off Allison, our team captain, and Ben were running off into the night at the third Major Exchange.  

The night legs is when fatigue and hunger begin to take over.  At this point you’ve been in a van with 5 other runners for at least 12 hours – if you’re in van 1 (like I was) you’ve already run twice and are looking forward to a little bit of shut eye before you run your final leg.  I honestly think van 1 is better because you get to rest before the sun starts coming up, so it’s pitch black.  Van 2’s rest time is after you hand off to van 1 at 3 am, so you only get about two hours before the sun rises.  

After leaving Ben from our van to run with van 2 through the night, we headed to Tim Horton’s for a bedtime snack.  I wasn’t thinking straight and only got myself a decaf tea and a coffee (for after my sleep) and a donut.  After our quick stop at Timmy’s we drove to Burlington to major exchange 4 to rest.  

We could have slept in the hockey arena, but instead opted to park in a quieter corner away from other vans – I had remembered from my past experience that being parked near other vans was not conducive to getting sleep. Van doors slamming, the loud beeping when big vans back up and teams arguing amongst each other makes it hard to sleep.  I was in the front passenger seat and tried to sleep half sitting up with my pillow and sleeping bag.  I don’t think I actually slept, but even two hours of laying still with your eyes closed feels restful in the middle of a Ragnar race.  Around 3 am van 2 sent us a text to let us know that their last runner, Lisa, was on her way!

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Lisa exchanging to Carmy and Eric:

I got nostalgic around this part of Burlington because it’s where I’ve run a lot of races and racing is when I feel happiest.  This was along the Chilly Half Marathon route, the Canada day 5k, MEC half marathon and Around the Bay.  I don’t have nearly as much free time for racing and that bums me out.

By this time it was very cold and windy along the lake.  Carmy exchanged to Ange just on the other side of the lift bridge, in the pitch dark – this is pretty much what it looked like:

After Ange ran, it was Eric’s turn while the run was rising:

Then finally it was my turn to run around 7 am.  

It was still cold and very windy along this leg in Grimsby so I wore exactly what I had planned on wearing, my Reebok Speedwick leggings, my Reebok Activchill T-shirt and a Reebok long sleeve with my Reebok Floatride shoes.  

Reebok Running Gear

Reebok Floatride Shoes

My leg was 5.43 km which I ran in 33 minutes. I was tired and not really in the mood for running anymore but was looking forward to being done.  Thank goodness the view along the lake was beautiful!  I got 4 kills along that leg – it seems like everyone else was as exhausted as me.

Handing off to Erik – I was done!

Erik killed his run, then handed off to Ben, who then handed off to Allison from van 2 at major Exchange 5 – van 1 was officially done! 

Our van tallied up our kills…

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220 kills!

We had 4 hours to relax in Niagara Falls while we waited for van 2 to be done.  I was too tired to think straight and I kept thinking the team would be done any minute so I was afraid to stray too far from the finish line.  My team did manage to convince me to go for a walk along the Niagara Parkway to see the falls and grab a snack from Starbucks.

The views of the falls were gorgeous!

Finally. we got the text that Lisa was on her way!


Ragnar Niagara Medals

Our team started off as mostly a group of strangers.  While I knew some of my team from social media, most I had never met before in person, and others I didn’t know at all.  After 30 hours of working together towards Niagara Falls from Cobourg, Ontario, I’m happy to say that I now have 13 new friends.  I can’t wait to do another Raganar and have already signed up for Ragnar Cottage Country with two of my Endorphriends team mates (the others are on other teams, so I can’t wait to see them in September!).  

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