Mamavation/ Motivation

Motivation Monday – March 8, 2010

This is my Mamavation Monday post for March 8, 2010.

Some weeks are easy – I have all the energy in the world, I plan ahead and I follow my meal and exercise plans. Other weeks are hard ” I feel drained, skip workouts and eat constantly. Thank fully last week was on the easy side. I packed my fruits and veggies for my lunches, and I mostly followed my exercise plan. And guess what? My hard work paid off! I lost 0.7 lbs. If you ‘ve been following along 0.7lbs lost is one of my bigger weight loss weeks.

I really need to stop paying attention to the numbers on the scale. My BMI is 22.34, which is well within the “normal  range. Losing weight at this point could be an indication of losing muscle or of losing fat, but without a scale that measures body fat percentages I ‘ll never know. I need to invest in a scale that also measures body fat percentage. Then I can tell if I ‘m losing fat and building muscle, or if I ‘m burning my muscle and gaining fat. I ‘m at the point where I want to start building muscle, and a regular scale won ‘t be able to reflect that. My co-worker has one of these scales at work ” so starting next week I ‘ll begin reporting my body fat loss percentages.

I did have some challenges this past week, and that was my weekend eating. After doing my long run on Saturday I felt that I had earned the right to eat junk all weekend long … a big ol ‘ burger and fries, garlic cheese bread, pizza, a huge plate of pasta etc …. I ‘m still having a hard time maintaining my week day eating habits through the weekend, especially when my long run leaves me so hungry afterwards!

Spring is just around the corner!

That said, my main goal is to feel better about myself and to train for the half-marathon in May. My training for the half-marathon has helped me immensely with my mood and perception of life-stressors (ie: my hubby ‘s 3 yr old car that broke down for the third time this year!). This week my training went very well ” my calf is fully healed (knock on wood), I began the strength building phase of my training plan (hill repeats) and my 14k long run on Saturday went very well! In total I ran 26.32k and did an additional 3k power walk on Friday because it was so nice out. I really need to start incorporating more weight training to help me build muscle. I have a 10lb barbell at home that I can use on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work.

I really wanted to run today because the weather is GORGEOUS! Spring is just around the corner folks! Yay! This is why I ‘ve begun typing up the 5k training plan for everyone who indicated to me that they wanted to learn how to run. The weather is getting so nice and I bet you ‘re all itching to get outside and take advantage of it too! I ‘ve added a FORUM to my site so that you can follow the training plan I ‘m creating with others. On the forum you can share your training progress, ask me questions (to which I ‘ll respond) and most importantly of all, support and encourage each other! If you ‘re interested in my learn-to-run clinic then I urge you to sign up for my newsletter. That way if you don ‘t participate in the forum, you ‘ll still receive my training tips and info.

Have a great week everyone and don ‘t forget that this is the last week of the Healthy Challenge! Keep on eating those fruits and veggies!


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  • AJ
    March 8, 2010 at 5:14 pm


  • PT Girl
    March 8, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    I understand wanting to eat more & eating junk after the long runs. For me, it’s not right after.I don’ t know about you but I I think I’m prone to snacking on the weekend because Mond- Fri I’m so busy, I don’t get home till 8 pm. Then I eat light, prep for the next day and go to bed. No time for snacking. But the wkndsare I am less regimented and I tend to laze around more and watch movies… this is when the snacking gets me.

  • Kim
    March 8, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    You are so awesome!!! You are doing wonderful!! Keep it up. I wanna see a pic of a muscle (your muscle) in the next post, even if you’re not buff yet, you will be.

  • Fitness Family
    March 9, 2010 at 1:11 am

    You’ve been one of the most active and fit girls I’ve met, and you’re doing a good job staying one. Sometimes, you just gotta have junk (coming from someone who’s too paranoid about eating non-organic food), so don’t beat yourself up. Looking forward to reading more of your marathon training posts. — @ImAHotMom