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Mamavation Monday: Using Technology for Healthy Living

Hey ladies!  How are you?

This week the Mamavation Monday blogging carnival theme is about using technology for healthy living – a theme that’s very close to my heart, as you all are well aware that I love my computer and my iPhone.

Nike + iPod/iPhone Sport Kit

I honestly believe that technology CAN improve your fitness AND motivate you – if you use the right tools.  Below are a few ways that technology has motivated me:

  • Mamavation – a healthy living online support group
    I’ve developed many friendships through my involvement as a Mamavation Cheerleader – friends that gently remind me when I need to run….
  • Food journalling – here’s a list of food journals to try
    A few months after having Amber I used the LoseIt iPhone app to journal my food.  It helped me to guage how many calories I need to eat.  I needed to adjust my caloric intake for my activity level and for breastfeeding.  This helped me to slowly lose the pregnancy pounds in a way that it didn’t interfere with breastfeeding.
  • iPhone apps – here’s a list of my favourite healthy iphone apps
    Ahhhh – where would I be without my iPhone?  It’s *almost* my best friend (don’t worry Kimmie, you haven’t been replaced yet).  I run with it – music pumping while Nike+ records my distance and cheers ring in my ears from facebook, I lift weights with it using the Gym Goal app to create routines, I even use it to play fitness class with the kids (aka the Nike Training Club app).
  • Twitter
    I ran a 10k race in May with pals I met on Twitter (@virgomommy and @RozBatson) and Jason of @CookTrainEatRce introduced me just this morning to @Adena_Tri who is training for the same 1/2 Ironman as me and lives about 30 minutes away from me!
  • My Blog!
    Writing here and at Fitness Collaborative has helped me be accountable – especially these weekly Mamavation Monday posts. I love sharing with you AND learning more about YOU!
Ok – since we’re talking about technology motivating me – I need to be honest – I haven’t been that active or eating all that well lately.  I’m not gonna hide here behind my blog – it’s time for me to set new goals and for YOU to help me to reach them.  My friend, Julie, is GIVING me her old tri bike… on one condition – I have to train for and race a 1/2 Ironman Distance Triathlon.  So I need to start training and writing about it more here – I’m gonna need help folks!  This is HUGE!  a 7+ hour race!!!  Eeeeek!!!
With that said I need to sign off and go to bed – I’m gonna have to really learn to embrace 6am if I’m gonna do this 1/2 Ironman.  Have a great night!

This post is sponsored by Omron Fitness and I ‘m writing this to be entered into an Omron Fitness pedometer giveaway hosted by Mamavation.


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  • Kelly D.
    August 8, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    I am absolutely loving tonights Mamavation TV and your post too. I have lots of new apps to use and must go out and get a Smart Phone now so I can use them all.

  • Steph
    August 9, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Technology gets such a bad reputation as being the downfall of our society and health but really, it’s what we make and do with it. You’re a good example of making your technology work for you and your active lifestyle.

    Yay for your tri-training! I can’t wait to follow your training plan and progress so I can adapt it to one day do my own!

  • Kat Rosati
    August 9, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Hey Janice,
    I appreciate your honesty in your blog and the recommendations for fitness apps. Personally, I L-O-V-E my fitness apps. I feel like they have more accountability than going to a gym or a workout buddy because they show you the result immediately and publish to Twitter and Facebook for all the world to see. EEEK! Good luck on your 1/2 Ironman. If you really want the bike you will find a way to L-O-V-E 6am! Good luck!


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