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If Randi Can Do It, Then So Can You!

One of the most inspirational things about the fitness magazines I read are the reader stories of success. I always think “Hey! If she can do it, then so can I”. Then, I put down whatever sweet I’m eating at the moment and grab a glass of water. Because I find these articles so inspiring, I thought that I would share the success stories of my readers.

This week, I’m featuring the success of Randi, a mother of two very cute little boys (ages 1 and 3) who blogs at: S Club 4. Randi recently completed the Omaha Half-Marathon with a time of 2:34!!! You can follow her on Twitter (her twitter name is: @sclubmama) and she has really done a great job of transforming herself.

Randi Before

Randi NOW!

Here’s Randi’s story:

Randi always thought of herself as being a chunky kid; she played sports growing up but was also a big bookworm so preferred being inside to outside. She played softball for 14 years (including one year in college) and volleyball for 4 years. EDIT: College Softball in the US? She must have been on kick butt awesome softball player!! Her parents never taught her (by word or deed) to be active or eat healthily so she had to learn that the hard way.

Q – What was your turning point? Why did you embark on your weight loss journey?
I tipped the scales in the 230s during my first pregnancy and 220s in my second. After my second son was born, I weighed in at 193 lbs. After about 6 months, I (and my husband) just got tired of throwing a fit every Sunday before church (and anything else where I had to dress up) because nothing fit. It’s exhausting. I didn’t feel good about myself; I knew I looked bad. Plus my family has a weight problem and diabetes ran rampant in my grandparents (now my dad, too). I knew health was my main goal because God only gives us one body here on earth and I wasn’t being good to it.

Q – What is your #1 motivation that keeps you working to lose/maintain your weight?
God. My body is His temple. If He were to give me a real temple building, wouldn’t I care for it? Why not take care of the temple He has given me?

Q – How has losing weight changed you?
I feel like I’m doing something godly with my body by running and eating better. I feel more beautiful, comfortable in my body which makes me feel sexy. I do have more energy to play with my sons; I want to be outside more often (although the hot summer weather definitely changes my mind LOL).

Q – What have you done to lose the weight? What life-style changes have you made?
My husband bought me Biggest Loser workout DVDs (yoga and boot camp) for Christmas. I started doing them a few times a week. Then I got the crazy idea to run a marathon (although I’ve since changed it to a half-marathon) so I started running. I used the marathonrookie.com training schedule so it starts you off SLOWLY and works up. I have ran 10 miles now. I never thought I’d like running but I do.
Otherwise, we try to eat more veggies and fruit. It’s hard because our income is…limited, to say the least, but you do what you can. We still eat plenty of meat and potatoes and Hamburger Helper but we are just doing what we can.

Randi’s “Stick-With-It” secrets are:

  1. Work out in the morning or else you won’t get it done.
  2. Trade one snack (or two) a day for carrots, an apple, something fresh.
  3. Get a good sports bra!

Great job Randi! You’re an inspiration to me, and you know what? If you can do it then so can I! Thanks you for sharing your story with us!

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