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If Rachel Can Do It, Then So Can You!

One of the most inspirational things about the fitness magazines I read are the reader stories of success. I always think “Hey! If she can do it, then so can I”. Then, I put down whatever sweet I’m eating at the moment and grab a glass of water. Because I find these articles so inspiring, I thought that I would share the success stories of my readers.

Fit & happy Rachel S.!

This week, I’m featuring the success of 30 yr old, mom of THREE (4 years, 2 years, 6 months) Rachel S. who blogs at: Rachel’s Random Ramblings. Rachel S. is very active in the #mamavation Twitter group (her twitter name is: @rachelsteffen) and she is also very active on DailyMile. Rachel has really done a great job of being a role model for her family. Here’s her story:

I grew up in a small town in the midwest. I was a very active, athletic child… who had a sweet tooth! I remember coming home from school and actually taking a spoon and dipping it in the sugar container and eating that as a snack!! *eek!*

My favorite food (all of it!) is italian… pasta! Yummy!

Rachel after the birth of her beautiful baby

Q – What was your turning point? Why did you embark on your weight loss journey?
I just turned 30 this year… and had my 3rd child (3 children ages 4 and under). I -believe- my husband and I are finished having children… and didn’t want to dilly-dally on losing all this baby weight I have held on to the past 5 (pregnant included) years.

I wasn’t recognizing myself in the mirror. The person who was looking back at me was NOT who I felt was me.

I wanted to be “cute” for my kids. I wanted to be “hot” for my husband.

I want to be the HOT – CUTE – friend… not the overweight, tired, stressed, etc… person I had come to recognize.

Q – What is your #1 motivation that keeps you working to lose/maintain your weight?
My children… I want my oldest son (age 4) to think I am “cute”. He hurt my feelings a few months ago when he called me “flat” his version of “fat”. Granted, I WAS pregnant… but it still hurt nonetheless.

I want to show him the importance of exercise and health. I also want to teach him that beauty isn’t always on the outside.

Q – How has losing weight changed you?
I am still a work in progress and have my good (as well as bad) days.

I do have more energy. I feel better about myself and the way my clothes fit. I find that I am more comfortable having “relations” with my husband… not so self-conscious.

I have always been active with the children… but now I am able to run while pushing them in the double jogger… all while keeping up with my 4 year old who is riding his bike ahead of us! 🙂

Q – What have you done to lose the weight? What life-style changes have you made?
I run… I run… I run!

When I can’t run, I walk. I load the kids up in the jogger (and/or wear the baby in the ERGO) and take off! 🙂

It is my 1 hour of ‘somewhat’ peace and quiet.

I also drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. I fill up a plastic bottle (you know the big ones – 36oz) in the morning… and drink that before lunch. Then fill up another one to drink before dinner. 🙂

Regarding snacks and junk – I am still a sucker for that stuff. The best thing that has worked for me is: NOT TO HAVE IT IN THE HOUSE!! When it is not in the house, I can’t eat it… and if I REALLY want it… I have to make an extra effort to go get it (drive/walk/etc).

Rachel’s “Stick-With-It” secrets are:

  1. Log your fitness each day (I use sites like mfp or daily mile).
  2. Share your successes and struggles with people who are on the same weightloss/fitness path
  3. Plan ahead… whether it be your workout for the day or meal plan… once it is written on my “to do list” it is SO MUCH FUN to scratch that item off the list! 🙂

Great job Rachel! You’re an inspiration to me, and you know what? If you can do it then so can I! Thanks you for sharing your story with us!

Do you want to inspire other moms? If so I want to feature you in a post on Fitness Cheerleader! Please complete my questionnaire so I can feature you!

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  • Jenn of PersonalFitCoach.com
    July 17, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Great job. I love reading about other inspiring moms.

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