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If Kim Can Do It, Then So Can YOU!

One of the most inspirational things about the fitness magazines I read are the reader stories of success. I always think “Hey! If she can do it, then so can I”. Then, I put down whatever sweet I’m eating at the moment and grab a glass of water. Because I find these articles so inspiring, I thought that I would share the success stories of my readers.

This week, I’m featuring the success of Kim, a full-time working mom of 2 children (ages 4 and 17 mos) who blogs at: Simply Starving. Kim has lost a total of 86 lbs!! She can also be found on Twitter (her twitter name is: @simply_starving) and she has really done a great job of transforming herself. Here’s her story:

Kim was never a heavy kid, however during her first pregnancy she gained 50 lbs! Although she was always assured that it would come right off, so she never worried about it. Like most of us, the baby came and the weight stayed! After her son’s birth she held her weight steady at around 200 lbs, and later became pregnant with her second son and gained an additional 38 lbs. During her 2nd pregnancy she vowed to get the 88 lbs OFF for good…and she did!

Kim: Then & Now

Q – What was your turning point? Why did you embark on your weight loss journey?
My turning point was the realization that I could not carry around 88 extra lbs. I was already upset with the way i looked and felt at 200 lbs, but 238 was unacceptable! I bought a treadmill at 9 months pregnant and the second baby #2 came out, I hopped on the treadmill and started walking. I walked, and walked, then ran and ran! 🙂 My love for cooking turning into a love for cooking healthy. The two combined to help me successfully lose ALL my weight.

Q – What is your #1 motivation that keeps you working to lose/maintain your weight?
ME! Sure my kids and family are important, but I deserved to be healthy and fit! It was NOT about being skinny for me at all and it still is not. It has always been about my health. If I take care of myself and care about me, then I know my kids will see that example and follow in my footsteps!

Q – How has losing weight changed you?
I can do ANYTHING!!! 🙂 Since losing weight, I went back to get my masters, become a volunteer board member for Gift of Adoption of Iowa (something I have always been passionate about, but didn’t think I could do) and I have started a healthy food blog where anyone can come and find ALL low calorie options with tons of flavor. Plus, they are all easy recipes so anyone can make them. I love me and not in a selfish way – I just love that I can do anything and I don’t sell myself short. The world is full of endless possibilities. Also, I have WAY more energy and just feel better about me. This carries over into every part of my life.

Q – What have you done to lose the weight? What life-style changes have you made?
I lost 38 lbs on my own by walking and counting calories. I joined Weight Watchers online later to lose the last 50. I wanted a more reliable way to count my food and their online calculator was for me. It allowed me to lose weight on my own, by myself, but gave me the tools to do it and online support if needed.

Kim’s “Stick-With-It” secrets are:

  1. I NEVER lie to myself. If I gain one week, I don’t ignore it. It must be dealt with.
  2. I indulge. Yep, I don’t cut myself off from all things unhealthy. If I indulge once in a while, I don’t binge.
  3. I sign up for 5k’s even when I don’t want to run. If I have an event to prepare for, I keep running.

Great job Kim! You’re an inspiration to me, and you know what? If you can do it then so can I! Thanks you for sharing your story with us!

Do you want to inspire other moms? If so I want to feature you in a post on Fitness Cheerleader! Please complete my questionnaire so I can feature you!


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