Hooray for May! My May 2014 Goals


 Wow, man was April a horrible month for me.  It started off with an injury (shin splints) and some missed runs, being crazy busy at work, a missed career opportunity, and then ended with a MAJOR injury (2nd degree ATFL ankle sprain).  Despite running 157 km last month, I am so happy to put April behind me.

This month I’m stepping back down on the running training, mostly because my ankle is telling me that I have to, and instead I’m setting  goals as part of my plan to just stay active.

Bring on May… and my May goals!

1. Swim more – 2 times a week on my Wednesday and Friday lunch breaks.

2. Continue working on my strength with my coach on Tuesday and Thursdays.

3. Return to spinning classes on Mondays.

4. Be patient and slowly return to running, and not harm my ankle. <- This may be the hardest of my goals to accomplish.

I’m only setting those 4 goals this month to take the pressure from me.  I need  a month of less stress to build back into my training, and with the kids sports ramping up, it’ll be nice for us to all settle into the summer sports routine before I throw in weekend long runs too.

What are your May goals?


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