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High Five Friday on Saturday

I’m sorry guys, I missed linking up with High Five Friday at Happy Fit Mama’s blog yesterday because life has gotten super busy… and exhausting!  Work has been definitely keeping me on my toes lately and by the time I get home every night I just can’t concentrate on anything for any length of time.  My brain is so fried that as relaxing as I find writing, I just couldn’t focus on doing it this week.  

The post on YouTube channels that you will love for home workouts that I put up on Wednesday was actually written quite a while ago and was sitting in my drafts waiting for a week like this. Although I missed #MotivateMe Monday this week, I did stay committed to my fitness plan.  That part of my life is going well – I’m seeing strength gains (yay!) and because I’ve been working a lot on strength and on my core I’ve noticed postural changes too (my tummy doesn’t stick out as much).  I purposely took out the battery in my scale so I have no idea if my body composition or my weight has changed – not that it really matters any
ways.  I’m having fun with the change in fitness focus and that’s all that matters at the end of the day, right?

High 5 Friday - a collection of great articles and posts to read this weekend.

So although today is Saturday, I finally feel relaxed and recharged enough to share what I had planned in my brain for High Five Friday.  (The girls night out last night that started with massages at Hand and Stone in Burlington followed by dinner at Jackson’s Landing may have helped quite a bit with finding my balance again – thanks for planning this Juliette!).  

5 from Instagram:
(Clockwise from top left)

High 5 Friday - 5 from instagram

Here’s a glimpse into my past two weeks courtesy of my instagram feed:

  1. I saw this Namast’ay in Bed All Day t-shirt at Ardene while shopping with the kids.  I almost bought it for myeslf because I thought it was a cute shirt to wear in a rest day (or a s a pajama top).
  2. That feeling you get when it’s time for your massage!  A Friday night massage is a great way to end a busy week and to set the tone for a weekend of recovering.
  3. I’m trying to make healthier choices when I’m at the girls hockey games, so for the past few Saturdays instead of buying arena fries I’ve been picking up a salad and water at the grocery store beside the arena.  SMall choices can add up to BIG changes.
  4. I loved loved loved how motivating my Jawbone UP 24 was but sadly it died on me last weekend.  It won’t charge or connect to my iphone anymore.  🙁  Sad panda.
  5. And finally I shared this picture from Friday`s run – all of the core strengthening is helping me to improve my average running pace, yay!!

5 Posts to read this Weekend
(I already shared these on Facebook, but I’m sharing them here again in case you missed it)

  1. Did you know that you can shed pounds and get a good workout by playing the air guitar?  Neither did I until I read this post.
  2. Please don’t try to detox your vagina (I didn’t even know this was a thing until I read this PSA).
  3. This article about one of the powerful benefits of exercise that’s rarely discussed.  The only way I’m staying on top of my workload these days is because of exercise.  I know that if I wasn’t being active I’d be totally spazzing out from all the stress.
  4. This lady lost 240lbs over 7 years by running in a mall near her, isn’t that awesome?!?  Amazing!
  5. The evolution of a runner… what phase are you in?  I think I’m in that transition to phase 10.

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  • Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner
    January 23, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    I got my daughter one of those namastay in bed pj tops super cute! Yay for strength training gains 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend


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