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High 5 Friday – January 29, 2016

Happy HIGH FIVE Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week – and hooray, we made it to the weekend!

Once again I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama to share with you the posts I’ve read this week that are deserving of a virtual high five.

But first, 5 from Instagram:
(Clockwise from top left)

  1. I received the Planet Friendly Diet by Cat Smiley in the mail this week to review, so I couldn’t wait to dive right into it.
  2. On Sunday I went skating with my youngest daughter while her older sisters were at a skating birthday party. I had A LOT of fun with her – such a fun way to strengthen those glute muscles for running 🙂
  3. On Thursday I received a case of Vanilla Premier Protein shakes to try out so I brought one to work for my mid-morning snack.  With my 6 am morning runs I can never make it to lunch time without eating something.  With 30g of protein his is a much better option than a mid-morning muffin from the cafeteria so I’ll be picking up a case of the chocolate from Costco later today.
  4. On Monday I went to a BodyFlow class at GoodLife Fitness.  I really like the combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.  I may be in good cardiovascular shape but my balance and flexibility really need work so this class really helps with that.
  5. How I recover from my morning runs at work.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I wear Pro Compression socks under my boots 🙂

5 Posts to read this Weekend
(I already shared these on Facebook, but I’m sharing them here again in case you missed it)

  1. This inspiring article about a couple who ran off a whopping 407 pounds!!  I love reading success stories of how people improved their lives by making healthy lifestyle changes. 
  2. These 49 unique bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere. As I’ve been focusing more on strength training more this year I’ve really come to appreciate bodyweight exercises because I’ve learned that all I need is the weight of my own body to get a really good workout in.  This is a great list of exercises to try!
  3. 25 ways to find time for fitness – look for opportunities and kick those excuses to the curb!
  4. Apparently having wine as a bedtime snack can help you lose weight.  I’m more than willing to give this a try although I  bet it will make those 6 am morning runs a bit harder 🙂
  5. This article about why the Lucky Iron Fish Project can make you stronger – I’m a big fan of the Lucky Iron Fish Project and have bought a few for families in Cambodia with my blog earnings. 

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