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Motivation Monday: Goals, Plans and Taking Action


Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! I’m jumping back into the New Year by reflecting back on the past year and assessing last year’s accomplishments, then creating goals, plans and action items.   Are you a resolution or a goal setting kind of person? I’m a goal oriented person which I credit to my psychology of sport professor, Dr. Sue Vail whose goal setting exercises in our classes has stuck with me for the past 15yrs and has greatly helped me to accomplish so many great things.


For me, 2013 is all about goals, plans and taking action, and this year I have fitness, finance, blogging, professional and blogging goals:

Fitness goals:

  • GOAL: Eat better
    PLAN: meal plan, bring my lunch and consume less junk|
  • GOAL:Complete the Chilly Half Marathon in March
    PLAN: Follow the 10 week half marathon training plan I created
  • GOAL: Travel with my family to Huntington Beach and run the Ragnar So-Cal relay with 11 other bloggers in April
    PLAN: Create and follow an 8 week training plan starting two days after the Chilly Half Marathon
  • GOAL: Complete an Olympic distance triathlon in the summer (any triathlon suggestions?)
    PLAN: Create and follow a 12 week training plan right after I get back from Ragnar
  • GOAL: Set a new PB at the Ontario Women’s Sprint Distance Triathlon in September
    PLAN: Create and follow an 8 week training plan right after the Olympic Distance triathlon
  • GOAL: Run the Scotia Bank Half Marathon in October
    PLAN: Create and follow a 6 week training plan right after the OWT
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Finance goals:

  • Continue to only pay cash for purchases
  • Put $100/month into savings
  • Do not increase my credit card debt (a bonus will be if I decrease it this year)

Professional goals:

  • GOAL: Work harder at work – do a better job focusing
    PLAN: Address the potential SOURCES of my headaches that are causing my lack of focus: teeth grinding, not wearing my glasses & dehydration
  • GOAL: PASS my Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) designation exam – I received news on Friday that my application to write the exam was approved – I meet all the prerequisites to write the test!!
    PLAN: put together a study plan and study my freaking butt off

Blogging goals:

  • Spend more time focusing on creating content than on “tweaking” small unnoticeable things on my website  (basically if words aren’t coming to me, then go comment on other people’s blogs or just go to bed)
  • Link more to other people’s posts, and share their accomplishments

(I do have plans for these goals, some of which I alluded to in my goal list, but I won’t share them here because that would just make for a boring post.)

Taking Action!
And now it’s time for me to take action towards accomplishing those goals!   In order to do so, each week I make plans – training plans, eating plans, financial plans, study plans and yes, even blogging plans.   For the past few months I haven’t been successful because I wasn’t organized and I didn’t do any planning.


This week’s plans/action items:

Monday: Nike Training Club workout
Tuesday: Run 5kWednesday: BodyPump
Thursday: Run 5k
Friday: Run 6.6k
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Run 12k

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Have a great week and great 2013 everyone!!

What are your goals for this year and week?


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  • 666074465
    January 7, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    my goal for this week is TAKING ME TIME. SNAGGING IT. making it A PRIORITY.

  • 503031075
    January 7, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    great goals and PLANs to reach those goals! 🙂 I have too many goals for this week to share in a comment. 😉 Primary goal… SURVIVE! LOL

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