Getting the Most Out of the Mind, Body Relationship

Guest Post by Dan Petraglia of Fitness and Weight Loss Central.

Did you know that your body responds to your thoughts? Yeah! Your thoughts can affect your overall mood, energy level, and even your general physical function. The most important thing your body listens to, is YOU! Your mind speaks to your body as a commanding voice and influences nearly every choice you make involving it. By being aware of your mind, body relationship you can influence yourself to get in shape, gain energy and even get MORE out of life!

But how do you make the most out of your Ã…”mind, body  relationship?

Here are three tips:

1. Turn Off The Noise

Sometimes its best to stop everything and really revaluate who you are and where you are going. You know, perform a fair assessment of yourself; to gauge the next best steps to take in your life and help you to find a plan of action. You can accomplish this by turning off the noise and thinking of nothing except you: think only about yourself from time to time and let it be your own meditative time of personal reflection and insight into your self and your goals.

2. Inhale and Just Breathe

Stress is a killer! Stress has a big influence on your health and overall wellness. If you let it get the better of you, over time it can mold and reshape parts of your personality making you more irritable, anxious, nervous, pessimistic, and of course depressing. These are traits you not want to have.

A simple technique to fend off stress is by trying breathing exercises as frequently as you need them. Depending on you, this could be once a day, before the day begins and before it ends, or even all throughout the day. This will bring your pulse and chi to normal.

3. Kiss Those Fears Away

Don’t allow fear stop you from being happy, successful, and healthy. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, embrace it and go for it as best you can. Tell yourself that you CAN do it! Be positive and use positive self-talk. Remember, fears are only as real in life as you make them.

Use your mind to to get in shape, gain energy and get MORE out of life!

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