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Getting Fierce… At Home!


Happy Monday Tuesday everyone!! How was your Halloween? Did your little monsters get out trick or treating? Up here in the great white north (aka Canada) Halloween was a horribly cold, rainy night. My monsters wore their winter boots and SEVERAL layers of clothes under their costumes, while I trailed behind them wearing a winter coat, mittens and my new winter boots that I bought for myself at the end of last winter. My oldest, Sierra was a pirate, my middle daughter, Brooke, was super girl, and my youngest, Amber, was also a pirate:


 This weekend was also Amber’s fourth birthday, so we hosted her very first birthday party ever. Because she is only four, we invited three of her four-year-old friends over with their moms for a mother-daughter tea party. I purchased beads and plastic bracelets that the little girls could put beads on, and close when they were done without any adult assistance. They really enjoyed being big girls and being able to complete a craft entirely on their own.




Oh and I almost forgot that this is a fitness blog… Now that the marathon recovery is over it’s time to begin working on some new goals! Over the past 6 months I’ve been working out with a strength coach to prepare for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I’ve gained a tremendous amount of core strength, improved my running form and have learned how to activate my glutes. Overall the training was fantastic! Unfortunately the 52 sessions of training that I purchased have come to an end, and due to the cost, and other financial priorities, I’ve made the decision to no longer continue training with my strength coach and instead I’ll be doing my strength workouts at home. I still want to seek marathon revenge, so it’s time for me to get FIERCE with my training at home, and what better way to do it than with the FIT CHICKS Fierce in 8 DVD!

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Over the next four weeks, in addition to my running training, I will be following The FIT CHICKS Fierce in 8 DVD program. It’s eight FIT CHICKS Signature workouts on four DVD’s. It has an 8 week program to follow that tells you which workouts to do, along with a bonus 8 day “Chick Approved” meal plan online.


The eight workouts are:

  • DISC ONE – THE 2+2 WORKOUTS: Alternating between intervals offatblastingbursts of cardio & total body toning strength,the2+2 workout will reshape the way you workout!
    • 2+2 – Dangerous Duo: Killer combos of cardio and strength done bootcamp style.
    • 2+2 – Fierce Fighter Chick: Mixed martial arts inspired intense intervals to uncover your inner fighter!
  • DISC TWO – TOTALLY TABATAS WORKOUTS: A fat blasting fave with a chick style twist! The4minutetabata pattern combines 20 sec. of fierce burn/10 sec. of rest to have you burning up to 5x more calories… even after you have done.
    • I heart Tabatas: A fast, fab total body burn that will push you to new heights.
    • Tabatas with a Twist: No plateaus here with this tabata twist to keep your body burning!
  • DISC THREE – FAB AND FOCUSED WORKOUTS: Need to target those trouble spots? The Fab & Focused workouts will get a MAXcalorieburnwihile tightening & toning those hard to shape areas with five – 1 minute “FIT CHICK focuses”.
    • Fab & Focused – Buff Babes: 5 awesome rounds to shed, shape & strengthen your entire bod.
    • Fab & Focused – Cardio, Core and More: Heart pumping cardio with targeted tummy toners for a “hard core” workout like non other.
  • DISC FOUR – THE DIRTY 30 WORKOUTS: Get down & dirty with this fast, fun andalwaysfierceHIIT workoutof30seccond intervals!
    • Dirty 30 – Perfect Plyos: Power & strength combos for max results.
    • Dirty 30 – Boxing Babes: Kickboxing inspired intervals without having to step into the ring.
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I honestly don’t expect much change in my physical appearance, nor do I really want any. I’m pretty close to race weight and about as toned as I’ve ever been.  I just want to maintain the strength that I’ve gained.  Though I did start off by taking some “before” pictures as it’ll be nice to have something to compare to in four weeks from now:


I started with the Fab & Focused Buff Babes workout tonight and really enjoyed it.  The intensity was great and could be adjusted to any level, though I found it short (20 min) so I also did the Fab & Focused Cardio Core and More workout.  By the end I was a hot sweaty mess and my core was on fire!


All in all I’m excited for this next phase of training.  I really like doing bootcamp , body weight exercises so this should be pretty fun, though I’ll miss having my strength coach telling me not to give up.

Do you workout mainly at a gym or at home?
What did your kids dress up as for Halloween?
Did it rain where you live too?


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  • Kim
    November 4, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    I love working out at home and that set looks pretty good – might have to try it!!

  • RFC
    November 4, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    KUDOS to you for using DVD’s! I always aspire to, as it certainly fits better with my schedule, but I’m far too easily distracted! At the gym I know I have to finish my workout before I can get in my car and leave. At home I’m like “ooohh dishes. Oh look at that laundry pile. Hmm I should do this DVD later….”

  • Stephanie
    November 4, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    What a cute idea for a birthday! My daughter also turns four in a few weeks! She would love making jewelry. I work out at home all the time but I tend to make up my own workouts rather than a video. However I do love the Cardio Hoop and More workout from Empower Fitness!

  • Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club
    November 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I have done both and find I really need to be out in a gym with others to push my hardest – SERIOUSLY but home workouts are great, convenient and can be very intense as long as you have the ability to push yourself without needing someone else to do it for you.

  • Toni @runninglovingliving
    November 4, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Now that marathon training is over for awhile I am hoping to get back to crossfit, I do better out of the houses

  • Rachel
    November 4, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    You look fantastic and I look forward to hearing about your FitChick progress! 🙂

    btw… I can’t get over how big/grown the girls look! 🙂

    November 5, 2014 at 7:45 am

    love love love the family pics.
    here? I had a catwoman 🙂

  • steph
    November 5, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Right now, I’m a working out at home on the dreadmill. In a couple of weeks, I’ll start at my new gym and go twice a week. I can’t wait!

  • jill conyers
    November 6, 2014 at 3:35 am

    I love love my home gym! Canceling my gym membership was the best fitness decision ever!