Why I don’t feel guilty for missing a workout… and you shouldn’t either

I like to try my best to live a healthy and active lifestyle and I believe everyone should make the effort. Living a healthy lifestyle not only keeps me physically healthy but also keeps me mentally sane. Working out and running for me is a way to relieve stress and I really do enjoy eating good for my body foods. Spinach and kale are two superfoods I’ve always enjoyed eating and salads have always been a favourite of mine, healthy or otherwise.

I have a confession for you… I miss at least one workout every week.  Shocker, I know.  

Why I don’t feel guilty for missing a workout…

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So why do I miss a couple of workouts here and there? I have a family, friends, social obligations and a busy job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking time away from a workout or two, to make memories with loved ones or to fulfil a work obligation. I refuse to go down a path of guilt just because I skipped a workout.

Skipping a workout does not make you or me, lazy, unmotivated, or unhealthy. It just makes us human. Accept it and move on. Missing a workout does not mean you’ve fallen off the bandwagon. As long as you get right back into your routine in a day or two, it’s OK to live your life. Sometimes a workout just doesn’t fit in.

I know there are some serious trainers or fitness gurus that will not agree with me, and that’s ok. Workouts should be fun, the results should be enjoyable, and feeling guilty takes the fun out of it. How can the experience lead to positive results if it’s guilt-ridden?

I personally don’t think anyone should fall into a negative mindset over missing a workout.

Don’t let anyone or yourself convince you otherwise.

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