Being Beautiful Isn’t Easy

On Thursday night I wrote a post about being beautiful. In my opinion, being beautiful is simply being happy. If you’re happy, smiling and enjoying life, than I think you are GORGEOUS my darlings!

But alas – I had a crazy day yesterday that made being beautiful hard. VERY HARD.

Yes, there are days when even I find it hard to be beautiful.

Let me tell you in point form about my day:

  • This was day 5 of solo-parenting my 3 wonderful little girls (5, 3 and 1 month).
  • I decided to treat them to the movie TANGLED (which I ended up hating).
  • I headed out of the house at 11 am with two very excited girls (1 month old Amber really had no clue as to what was happening). We began making the 30 min drive to the theatre – I had lots of time to make it for the 11:55 am showing.
  • 10 min into our drive I hear: “Mommy… Look at Brooke – she threw up!”.
  • I stopped and buy her some new clothes (but everything was 1 size too big because apparently this location of Carter’s does not carry size 3).
  • I get Brooke cleaned up and we continue our drive – we still have time.
  • I get everyone out of the car – we enter the theatre – the movie is not listed at 11:55…
  • I try to buy tickets, “Sorry ma’am – you need to speak to the manager”.
  • Movie cancelled, we get free tix for the 2:30 show, we head to a mall for lunch (Subway sandwiches of course!).
  • Bring kids to McDonald’s to play in play place to burn off energy after lunch.
  • No play place.
  • Do the walk of shame out, head to the theatre.
  • Buy popcorn as a treat.
  • Drop popcorn 3 times! Getting a refill each time…
  • Movie starts, nurse baby Amber, Amber does massive explosive poop.
  • Kids don’t want to leave movie to change Amber, Amber falls asleep on me.
  • After movie we change Amber
  • Amber cries in car whole way home
  • 3 yo falls asleep on way home

I could list more about what ensued that evening, but I think you get the point – I had an awful day, that SHOULD have put me in an awful mood.

It didn’t.

Yanno why?  Because being beautiful was fresh in my mind from typing my beautiful post the night before.

I kept smiling – and it kept me in a great mood and allowed me to enjoy my day with the kids, and it allowed us to laugh about everything that happened.  I also got to set a great example as to how to deal with stress.

A beautiful smile

It was awesome!  I was beautiful, even though it was HARD!

What’s the worse day you’ve had?  Did you stay beautiful through it?


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  • anne
    December 4, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Wow I would have been in tears

    • Janice
      December 4, 2010 at 8:33 pm

      Thanks Anne!
      Normally I would have been, but I was really trying to be conscious of setting an example for the girls due to Brooke’s whole “long hair makes you beautiful” thing. Unfortunately I thwarted my own efforts by taking them to see Tangled which doesn’t exactly have the best message for little girls.


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