Back in my Groove and High 5 Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I am happy happy happy because hello, Spring!!! I had no idea that my grumpiness was weather related until Spring arrived.  Did I mention that I’m happy?  So so so happy!  I may also be happy because I ran FOUR times this week, and two of them were on my lunch breaks.  Getting outside during the daylight is such a mood booster.  

I’m linking up today with Happy Fit Mama to share with you the posts I’ve read this week that are deserving of a virtual high five.

But first, 5 from Instagram:
(Clockwise from top left)


  1. Happy sweaty selfie after my lunch run, boy did that run ever help my mood!
  2. Went to Canadian Tire to buy light bulbs and came home with a new 20lb kettlebell instead. Ooops!  I can’t wait to swing my new friend around this weekend 🙂
  3. On the weekend I had a great kettlebell workout on my deck, I’m totally digging this weather!
  4. Another great outdoor run in the daylight!!
  5. Amber woke me up Sunday by the sound of her rollerblading in the house.  When asked why she was blading inside she replied “Because I’ve already finished my homework, Mommy”.  Who can argue with that logic?

5 Posts to read this Weekend
(I already shared these on Facebook, but I’m sharing them here again in case you missed it)

  1. Three Workouts You Can do With Faster Runners – Perfect for my runs with Juliette and Becky – they’re both crazy faster than me.
  2. Pregnant Runners Create Active Kids  – Totally explains why my kids are so active. 
  3. MyFitnessPal Users Reveal the 1 Simple Thing that Helped Them Lose Weight – Some really good tips here.
  4. Obesity doctor, Yoni Freedhoff shares a great post on his blog about one of his patient’s success stories: 3 Years, 3 kicks at the Can, 31% Loss.  I really needed to hear how her new approach has helped her.
  5. Okay this isn’t something to read, but I thought you would enjoy this fun quick workout.  My 5 year old and I had an absolute blast doing it together last night:  

Have a great weekend!

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  • Launna R Krivousov
    April 24, 2016 at 12:12 am

    Congratulations Janice, I am happy to hear you are feeling it more… I too am starting to get back on track… I joined the one challenge you did and another one … both of them have helped me get back on track myself… it has felt good getting more walking in daily xox

  • Carmy
    April 21, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    “Because I’ve already finished my homework, Mommy” LOL! She’s the cutest!


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