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An Amazing Training Week and Weekend of Softball #MotivateMe Monday


Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am still on an emotional high from an amazing week of training, plus an amazing weekend of softball. This past week was the highlight of my summer!

I’ll start by sharing my training with you and where I am with that, then share the softball stuff. Training wise I feel like I’ve finally found my mojo and have figured out how to dig deep, stay focused and not give up. I’m no longer skipping workouts and am able to look ahead at the bigger picture and my future goals, rather than being caught up in the moment of a bad run. I can now see that a bad run can be due to trying to run too fast for my current ability, or due to not being recovered adequately from previous workouts. I’m logging my meals with MyFitnessPal and am starting to develop a routine that allows me to meet my macro, calorie and nutritional goals. It’s easier to stay in those routines during the week, and much harder on the weekends.

My Training/Fitness:

After Sunday’s triathlon left me feeling pretty beat up, I still went to Boot camp on Monday. I wasn’t that sore going into class so I put in my best effort to keep up with everyone.

On Tuesday morning I felt like a ton of bricks had hit me, but I had promised Amy I would run with her so I ran a slow recovery 6k before work with her.

On Wednesday I went to my boot camp class at lunch, then after work headed over to Hilton Falls with the Milton ½ of my Ragnar Cottage Country Trail team and ran 7.45k on some pretty technical trails and steep climbs.

Over the past few weeks I had put in a lot of training, and after Wednesday night’s trail I was feeling beat up so I pretty much took Thursday off, went for a massage, a mani/pedi and did a 30 min yoga video.

On Friday morning I got up and ran 7.5k with Becky. I guess I was still recovering because I had nothing in my tank and ran the roads even slower than Wednesday night’s trail run. After my run I packed up the van and drove 3.5 hours to LaSalle, ON for the 2017 PWSA Mite Provincial Grand Championships.

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Saturday and Sunday I gave myself permission to be focused on my daughters’ softball and to rest. There was a great workout center at our hotel in Windsor, but I knew that rest was what my body needed more than another workout.


This weekend was the PWSA Provincial Grand Championships for my two oldest daughter’s teams. My oldest daughter’s team was playing in the Squirt “A” Pool Grand Championships in Brantford, ON, and my middle daughter’s team was playing in the Mite “B” Pool Grand Championships in LaSalle, ON. My husband took our oldest to her games in Brantford, and I took our middle daughter to her games in LaSalle. Our youngest hung out with me to watch her middle sister.

My middle daughter’s team played well and were seeded 7th after their 3 games of round-robin play. Brooke played well, making some clutch plays and catches, and had some great hits. On Sunday morning they played the 2nd seeded team and were unfortunately knocked out of Provincials, placing them 7th in the B Pool. (Amber got to be the bat girl for her sister’s final game of the season!)

After Brooke’s games we jumped into the van and drove the 2.5 hours to Brantford to watch Sierra’s team. They were seeded 1st after their 3 games of round-robin play, and had already won their quarter final game. We got their just in time for the start of the semi-final game. Sierra took a few walks and played well in the field. Her team won and moved onto the Gold medal game of the “A” Pool!

The gold medal game was a nail biter with Vaughn 05 leading 1-0 after at the bottom of the third inning. Thankfully we got two runs in to take a 3-1 lead. This gave our team confidence and the other team seemed to lose theirs. At the top of the 7th inning it was 6-2 for us, and we needed to hold them to win the game. Sierra’s team is the Halton Hawks 05 and during that last inning there was literally a real live Hawk circling over the field. Our team took that as a good luck sign and we shut them down. Sierra’s team won the Provincial A Pool Gold 6-2!!! The girls were ecstatic and they dropped their gloves and field masks and ran in to hug their pitcher who had just struck out the batter.

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It was such an exciting end to an amazing summer of softball!

The Training/Fitness Plan:

Monday: Boot camp + Trail run
Tuesday: 7k run
Wednesday: Boot camp
Thursday: 7k run
Friday: Hill repeats
Saturday: HIIT
Sunday: Rest

Have a great week!

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