Weekly Training Recap and #MotivateMe Monday


If you’re new here, #MotivateME Monday is a weekly link-up co-hosted by myself and Run Mommy Run for accountability and encouragement. It’s a place for us to share goals, plans, successes and have each other to pick us up to keep moving forward.

Happy Monday everyone!

The weather continues to be warmer than usual here so it was a great week for running.  I hear it’s supposed to get colder next week though 🙁  Here’s a recap of my week:


Thanksgiving – No workout other than the two hours I spent finishing up my bedroom painting project.  After painting we went for Thanksgiving dinner at my best friend Juliette’s house.  It was a gorgeous night so we spent most of the evening which is VERY unusual for a Thanksgiving in Canada!

I tried a new low-carb craft beer called Stonewall – it only has 80 calories, which is perfect for my weight loss efforts.


I was a wee bit sluggish from the Thanksgiving festivities, so I went for a run at lunch (instead of before work). Ran 6k at a pace of 6:18/km.


Boot camp lunch workout.  I felt really strong and I’m starting to be able to do more of the workout without stopping than before.  I love that I can feel the progress!


Slept in and missed my morning run so I planned on going at lunch instead.  Unfortunately by the time lunch rolled around work was busy and I had an afternoon meeting to prepare for.  I managed to sneak out for a short, but fast run – 4.75k at 5:46/km. 

I made up for the lack of running by walking for an hour and working at the treadmill desk at work. I need to make more of an effort to take advantage of this perk.  Unfortuantely that means thinking ahead and booking the desk – it’s a rather popular “hotdesk” at work.

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It was a great day for a run! Went for a run at lunch and my legs felt fresh and I was ready to run! Ran 7.6 km at 5:56/km.


Went and swung kettlebells with Juliette.  We did the Bodyfit by Amy Wedding Dress Kettlebell workout.  My back and arms are usually my limiting factors when doing planks so it’ll be nice to strengthen those. 


Rest day – our weekend was crazy full of hockey games with Sunday being our worst day: 3 hockey games (in 3 different cities), a 3 hour softball practice, and 2 hours of selling 50/50 tickets.  I was wiped afterwards!

This week I’m down 1.1lbs.  I’m down 9.3lbs and 3.2% body fat since August first!

Here’s this week’s fitness plan:

Monday: Easy 7k before work + Lunch Bootcamp Class
Tuesday: Easy 8k lunch run
Wednesday: 8k morning run + lunch Bootcamp class
Thursday: Easy 6k lunch run 
Friday: Speedwork 7k
Saturday: Kettlebell HIIT Workout
Sunday: Rest – too much going on Sunday to fit in a workout anyways.

Have a great week!

What was the best part of your week?  What are your fitness plans for next week?

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  • Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner
    October 16, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    That’s fabulous that you have a treadmill desk at your office. Have a great week!