A Weekend of Hockey Fun + #MotivateMe Monday

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a whirlwind of hockey wonderfulness.  I had to take Friday afternoon off of work to take Brooke to her first hockey game of her tournament so I figured why make my day more hectic than I have to? So I took the WHOLE day off of work and spent the morning at the hairdresser getting my hair cut.  My hair needed some TLC in a major way as my last cut/colour was in early April before we went to Florida!


Haircut... before


Haircut... after

I tried to go with an A-line bob (but it’s not as A-line as I would like so I may go back and get more cut off) and a much lighter colour than I typically go for.

Friday night:

Hubby took our oldest daughter up to Barrie for her hockey tournament while I stayed with our two youngest daughters for their tournament in our town.  Brooke’s first game was Friday afternoon.  After her game we went out for dinner, then had “girls night” cuddling in my room watching Netflix.  


Amber’s first hockey game (of her first ever tournament!) was at 7 am.  I’m one of the trainers for her team so we have to be one of the first one’s at the game.  We were up and out of the house at 6 am!  Needless to say Amber was pretty tired for her game.


Unfortunately Amber’s team lost.  Brooke played right after Amber at 8 am, so I sent her to get herself ready half way through Amber’s game.  Brooke’s the goalie on her team and absolutely LOVES being a goalie. 


Unfortunately Brooke’s team lost.  After the games we went to a mall for some shopping 🙂 And had subs for lunch.


We had to be back at the arena at 2 pm because Amber had another game at 3 pm, and Brooke had a game right after at 3 pm.  I was on the bench for Amber’s game, working the door for the forwards.  Thankfully Novice changes lines every two minutes instead of on the fly.  That makes working the door much easier.  Amber’s team lost a tough game 2-1.  

Brooke’s third game of the tournament was tough.  The team they played against was stronger than her team and hammered her with shots. Brooke played REALLY well and saved every.single.shot!  Shutout!


Her team ended up winning 1-0 but were unfortunately knocked out of the tournament.  After her game I took the girls out to celebrate Brooke’s shutout at Boston Pizza.  Brooke loves the lemonade there, and I love their BB & K salad.

BB K Salad

After dinner we were all exhausted from our day of hockey and shopping, so we all cuddled up again.  Amber fell asleep at 8 pm watching her ipad.


We were up early again for Amber’s 7:30 am game.  Ugh! While I love the girls playing hockey, the early mornings I could do without.  Early mornings are for long runs right?  I was the trainer and working the door for Amber’s game so we were there extra early.  Amber’s team faced a tough team but played really well.  they held the other team to a 0-0 tie until there was 2.3 seconds left in the game when the other team scored on them 🙁  So disappointing.  The highlight of the game for Amber was taking the face off.  


After the game we headed home to have lunch with Hubby and Sierra who were finally home from her tournament.  unfortunately Sierra’s team lost 2 out of their 3 games so they were knocked out too.  After lunch Amber and I bundled up and I took her (pulled her in a wagon) to the Santa Claus Parade.  It was REALLY cold out but we were bundled up well with LOTS of layers.



I love the community feel of our little parade.

Training Plan:

Monday: 55 minute moderate intensity run (50 min 70-80% max HR) 
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: 40 min intervals (3 x 5 min @80% max, 2 min 70%) 
Thur: 5k easy lunch run
Friday: 40 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR) 
Sunday: 75 min easy run (60-70% max HR) 

Have a healthy and active week everybody!

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