Thanksgiving + Fitness Recap


Happy Monday & Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

This has been a very busy week.  I started off on Monday by sleeping through my alarm and not feeling like doing anything – I think I’m going to give up on trying to run Monday mornings because getting up for work is hard enough.  By Sunday I was motoring along and super motivated to do all.the.things!  It’s funny how a week can start off slow but by the end of the week it’s a completely different story.

Monday: Slept through my alarm clock and skipped my run.  I felt so blah and sluggish.  At lunch I dragged my tired butt to boot camp class.  After class I felt “alive” and ready to tackle anything!

Tuesday: Went for a “little” lunch time run that ended up being 5-ish quick miles (8.74k).  My legs were in the mood to run!

Wednesday: 7.35 k Morning run with Becky, then a lunch time boot camp class.  

Thursday: Legs were not in the mood to run at all, so I took it easy on my 5k run.

Friday: Rest day – I felt burnt out and had a bad case of the I don’t wannas, so I didn’t. Later that night we went to a surprise party for Juliette’s birthday.

Saturday: Cleaned the house and did a 20 minute kettlebell workout in the living room.  Pecan the kitty decided that I needed a spotter 🙂

Sunday: Ran 10k. I was contemplating painting my bedroom with all of the leftover paint from the last two rooms I painted.  My kids finally nagged me enough for me to get off my butt and start the project.  Painting is so much work!! 

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Here’s the beautiful “before” picture of my puke green bedroom with lovely floral curtains:

Mid-way through my painting project I had to get cleaned up for a family Thanksgiving dinner.  We met at a restaurant (it’s just easier that way). We had a lovely meal with my parents, my brother and his wife Colette, Colette’s mom, her cousin and her uncle.

My brother and I:

I then went back home and worked on my room again.

This morning I got right back at it and finished the job.  I painted the walls a light grey and the trim white (it was the same puke green as the walls).  We rearranged the furniture to give me a sitting area to watch Netflix, relax with a book or to write blog posts.  Before I didn’t really have any place in the house that was my own.  

My plan is to get a bigger TV, and put a small loveseat with ottoman in my corner.  I haven’t bought new bedding or pillows yet because the colour of those will depend on the loveseat colour. I have dark grey curtains to move up to my room from downstairs, but first I have to buy new curtains for downstairs.

Tonight we’re celebrating Thanksgiving with our neighbors. 

Weekly totals: 31 km running, 2 boot camp classes, 1 kettlebell workout, 1 bedroom painted. Despite the slow start, it was a pretty busy week!

This week’s fitness plan:

Monday: Painting
Tuesday: 8k Morning run + Kettlebell circuit
Wednesday: Lunch bootcamp class
Thursday: 8k Morning run
Friday: 8k Morning run
Saturday: HIIT Workout
Sunday: 10k Trail Run?

Have a great week everyone!!

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What colour loveseat and bedding would you get?

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  • Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner
    October 9, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Your Thanksgiving table is really nice hope you had a wonderful dinner. I’ve thought about painting rooms on my own but I am kind of intimidated honestly-good for you