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And So She Ran The Race… Mississauga Half Marathon Recap #MotivateMe Monday


Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I shared that I had come to the realisation that life is short – too short to miss out on races because I didn’t train adequately.  I found myself with the opportunity to support my friend Becky in her Boston qualifying attempt, and an opportunity to run Ragnar this month and instead of saying “Nah, I’m not ready” I jumped at the chance and signed up for the two races.  

Yesterday was the first of the two races: Mississauga Marathon
(Juliette and I ran the half marathon and Becky, Candess and Tracy ran the full).

Here we are at the start line:


It’s @mississaugamarathon Go time!!!

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I was crazy excited about this race because with the exception of a 10k last June, I haven’t raced since Ironman 70.3 in 2015… I love racing (and I hate training) so the past two years have been mentally tough on me. I shared that I had major race envy when my running buddies ran Around the Bay a month ago (running envy is indeed real), so I jumped at the chance to run this race despite my lack of training. On the positive side, I’m thankful that at nearly 42 I’m healthy and active enough to just say, yeah I’ll run a half marathon in a few weeks from now.

I eagerly laid out my race gear the night before, everything given to me by our Ragnar race sponsor, Reebok Canada.  

Now this is probably a major race no, no, but I did it anyways… all of my gear and my shoes were new. I wore a Reebok ActivChill T-shirt, Reebok long sleeve shirt, Reebok sports bra, Reebok tights (I love the 360 degree reflective Reebok delta on the leg), Reebok inside socks, and Reebok Floatride shoes (review coming later this week).  Even my recovery clothes were Reebok – Reebok sweat pants and a Reebok hoodie.  Yes, I was going to be one giant walking Reebok ad but I don’t care because their new running gear is awesome!

At bed time I began to THINK about what was happening the next day and that’s when I got nervous and reflected on my running over the past 6 months and discovered the longest runs I have done were 10.93k three times since October – two were in the last month.  Ugh – this was going to be a painful race.  Thankfully I have faked my way through half marathons before so I new what I was getting into. I think I fell asleep around 10:30.  

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At 5:20 am my alarm went off and I jumped right out of bed, put my gear on and headed down for my breakfast of champions – Frosted Cheerios and a Black coffee.  Juliette picked me up at 6:00, we headed up to pick up Becky, then met Candess and Tracy to drive to the race start.  We quickly found free parking, then dropped off our bags to bag check, then went for a short warm up run.  

Lanni Marchant (Canadian female marathon record holder) gave a great speech about running the first half with your head, then the second half with your heart.  How true this is!

Finally the race started and away we went!

My nutrition plan was to eat one quic disc at 5km, one at 10km and a honey stinger at 15k and I was planning to run 2.5k walk for a minute, then run 2.5k etc… until I finished.

I ran through the first planned walk break because I felt good, and almost forgot to stop for my nutrition at 5k.  I felt good and was holding a decent pace – a pace MUCH faster than any running I’ve done in the past 6 months:

Splits 1k-5k: 5:34 5:41 5:40 5:33 5:28

There were two more flat kilometers, then we turned down Mississauga road and began going downhill for a good 3k. I still felt good but decided to take in some Gatorade at every aid station

Splits 6k-10k: 6:23  5:50  6:03  5:46  5:48

10k is where I started to struggle.  There was an uphill, then we went downhill again.  This was pretty much uncharted territory for my legs due to my lack of training.  I also mentally struggled – the pain of the end of Ironman 70.3 is still fresh in my mind and I knew the end of this race was gonna hurt so I struggled to keep pushing. I sent a text to my hubby to let him know how I was doing (I always do this in races) and was surprised to hear that he was on his way to cheer me on with the kids.

Splits 11k-15k: 7:09  6:18  6:10 5:56  6:25  6:11

At 15k the marathon turns off onto a separate route (man was I ever thankful that I didn’t have to make that turn, lol).  I sent another text to hubby to let him know where I was and he replied that he was in position to cheer me on – keep on going girl!  I ate my Honey Stinger waffle (these are seriously the BEST!) and kept on trucking.  At 17k the route flattens and turns onto the waterfront trail.  Because this is a paved walking trail it’s not completely even and my hips could feel every dip. The views along Lake Ontario were gorgeous!

Yes – I stopped to take a picture.

I then saw my family and I started BAWLING! they haven’t come to a race in 6.5 years (the last race they came to was when Amber was a baby and I was still nursing her).  Amber had never seen mommy race before!

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I stopped to hang out with them, hug them all and take some selfies with them.  

Splits 16k -20k: 6:11  7:04 6:30  7:36 (hung with the family) 6:41

The last 2 km after seeing my family was like I was floating – I was so so so happy that I didn’t feel any pain.  The end of this race weaves around an inlet on the lake so you can hear the finish line well before you get there.  It’s very misleading – I’ve run this race three times before so I was ok with that and knew when to turn on the jets for the finish.

I finished upright and smiling.

Final finish time: 2:12:49

Juliette met me in the finish chute and made sure I grabbed a medal – I almost walked out without one 🙂

We then changed into warmer clothes and lined up for FREE Tim Horton’s coffee and had burgers from the BBQ.  We sat and relaxed while we waited to cheer Becky as this was her first full marathon and was trying to qualify for Boston.  

Guess what?  She did it!!!!

Congrats Becky!

After Becky finished we went all fan girls on Lanni Marchant.  We stood and talked to her for a bit about her upcoming race, our races and how much we love her.  We posed for a picture with her and had her sign our medals.  

All in all I had a fun race. I definitely didn’t set a PB, but I enjoyed the race atmosphere, took pictures along the race and hung out with my family at 19k.  I’m so happy I did this race and can’t wait to get back to racing some more in the very near future (like at Ragnar in 11 days from now!).

Have a great week everyone!

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