October Goals and Intentions #MotivateMe Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

So it’s October, already! Where did September go?!? Between settling into new school routines, hockey starting back up, and catching up on work, September was a busy month for our household. I’m thankful that the mornings are cooler for running, but the trade off is that it’s dark out when I start and finish my run 😥

Truthfully I love October.   It’s a great time of year for racing, although with all the kids sports there won’t be any races for me this year.  October also brings Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is the second weekend of October), Halloween, the leaves changing colours, and planning for my youngest daughters birthday party.  There’s so many great things about October!  

September Recap

Last month I set some routines as goals for September, but they were honestly VERY TOO ambitious – running 5 times a week + 3 strength workouts, who was I kidding?!?  Then I received the Polar M600 to review, so I ditched my routines and started following the heart rate based half marathon training program from the Polar Flow website.  I absolutely LOVE the new program.  It’s manageable and doesn’t leave me feeling like a failure for bailing out on half of my workouts.  My runs are enjoyeable because I’m not pushing myself too hard.  Instead I’m doing ALL of my planned workouts!! 

October Goals

This month my only goal/routine is to stick with the heart rate training program.  I’ve been waking up to run by myself willingly so why would I change it?  Right now it’s working for me, so there’s no point in changing things.

Eating wise…. Well this is another story.  In between chauffeuring to the hockey arena, this weekend I spent a lot of time at home.  Time that I spent eating, eating and more eating.  I did a long run on Saturday, then I pulled pretty much an all-nighter completing all of the modules and exams for my Hockey Trainers Certificate, and my Respect in Sport Certificate.  (Yay! I officially earned my Hockey Trainer’s certification this weekend!).  This is an example of what EVERY weekend is like during the winter.  When I’m home, I snack.  So my eating goal/routine this month is to create eating plans for the weekends and to stick with them!!  (Though Thanksgiving is excluded from that :grin:).

Heart Rate Training Recap Week 2

This was a great week for me! Despite running by myself most of the week, I pretty much did every planned workout! 

Monday: 55 minute medium run (40 min 70-80% max HR)  20 min run with my oldest daughter
Tuesday: Strength 
Wednesday: Intervals – 4min @80% max, 2min 70%) + mobility training
Thur: Mobility training
Friday: 35 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR)
SaturdayCore strength 70 min long run (60-70% max HR)
Sunday: 70 min long run (60-70% max HR) Core strength 

I LOVED my long run yesterday – it felt fantastic!!


This week’s plan

Monday: 35 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR)
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Intervals – 4min @80% max, 2min 70%) + mobility training
Thur: Mobility training
Friday: 35 minute easy run (15 min 70-80% max HR)
Saturday: Core strength
Sunday: 45 min easy run (60-70% max HR)

It appears that this weeks training plan is a cut back week, so it should be easy to stick with it.  I looked ahead and the week after will be a little bit more challenging.

Have a great week everybody!

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