Halloween, November Goals and #MotivateMe Monday

Happy Halloween everyone!!

I know that some people LOVE Halloween, but for me it just seems like a lot of extra work – life is so busy and I hate the extra stress of finding a costume for me, and for the kids.  But as I shared last year, my friend Christine always throws an amazing Halloween party, so I had to suck it up and find myself a costume.  This year did not disappoint!


This year’s theme was “Out of this world”.  Christine and her husband Steve did their house up like a spaceship, with aliens peeking out everywhere.  Christine and Steve dressed as aliens, our friend Jess (who’s amazing at makeup) did their alien make up, and I dressed up as Rey (from Star Wars).  

Halloween 2016

Did you see the lynched alien’s above us? 

Halloween 2016

Rey Star Wars Halloween costume idea

Rey Star Wars Halloween costume idea

And of course the Halloween food was amazing!

Halloween food ideas 2016

I had a lot of fun and was disappointed that I had to leave early because I was the trainer for my youngest daughter’s double-header hockey games at 7:15 am the next morning 😥

November Goals

Last month my goal was to continue following along with the half marathon heart rate training program that I had started in mid-September when I was sent the Polar M600 watch to review. I’m happy to say that despite a week of being sick, I was able to follow the plan.  I’m starting see improvements and I’m now back to running 4 times a week.  I’m still struggling to motivate myself with strength training….

This month my goals are to:

This week’s Fitness Plan

 Monday: 55 minute moderate intensity run (45 min 70-80% max HR) + Make Fat Cry Challenge
Tuesday: Make Fat Cry Challenge
Wednesday: 40 min intervals (3 x 5 min @80% max, 2 min 70%) + Make Fat Cry Challenge
Thur: Make Fat Cry Challenge
Friday: 40 minute easy run (20 min 70-80% max HR) + Make Fat Cry Challenge
Saturday: Make Fat Cry Challenge
Sunday: 85 min easy run (60-70% max HR) + Make Fat Cry Challenge

Have a healthy and active week everybody!

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Halloween… Do you love it or loathe it?
What’s on your meal and fitness plans for this week?

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