My New Training Plan #MotivateMe

Happy Monday everyone!

So we’re officially in full on fall, school and hockey mode here. Mornings are a rush, evenings are a rush and juggle of sports and homework etc.  Sierra had her first hockey tournament this weekend with her new team, and Brooke and Amber had their first practices with their teams.  Softball season seems so long ago already.


My training this week was either a hit or a miss depending on how you look at it.  I missed all of my planned strength workouts, slept in and missed a some runs, but made up for the missed runs on my lunch breaks, and even got in two weekend runs!



This week I also received a wonderful surprise in the mail:
A Polar M600 Activity Tracker/GPS/HRM/SmartWatch 


I ran with it on Saturday and found out that I always try to run a pace that’s in my top heart rate zones.  No wonder I always feel like my heart is racing and that I’m having a heart attack – I literally am trying to run ALL of my runs too fast!!!  I then ran with it on Sunday but tried to keep my heart rate in a lower zone and my run felt so much better! Which brings me to my new training plan…

Heart Rate Training

While setting up the Polar m600 I came across free heart rate based training programs on the Polar Flow website! The best part of these is that they can be followed with just the Polar Beat app, and a Polar H7 heart rate monitor, so even when I have to give Polar M6oo back (I only have it for three weeks to try so that I can share a review with you) I can use my Polar H7 heart rate monitor to keep following the program!  So yeah, I’ll be following the half marathon heart rate based training plan for the next 14 weeks (although I’m not actually training for a half marathon):

October 1/2 marathon Training Plan

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: 45 minute medium run (30 min 70-80% max HR)
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Intervals – 4min @80% max, 2min 70%) + mobility training
Thur: Mobility training
Friday: 30 minute easy run (15 min 70-80% max HR)
Saturday: Core strength
Sunday: 60 min long run (60-70% max HR)

I’m really looking forward to this week’s training (and playing with my new toy 🙂 )

Have a great week everybody!

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