Late #MotivateMe Monday and Life Lately

Happy… uh… Wednesday?!?  

How on earth is it Wednesday already?!?  I have apparently completely dropped the ball on MotivateMe Monday this week – I’m so sorry about that!  I honestly cannot remember what my workouts were – though I did workout everyday except for Wednesday in one way or another.  Oh wait… My photo album on my iphone…



It seems that I ran 3 times and my injured ankle felt awesome!  


I also did a few DailyBurn workouts.  

What would I do without my camera roll?  Which brings me to my life lately…

Lately…. work has been VERY busy!  By the time I get home at night I’m so burnt out that I cannot string together coherent sentences or put my thoughts together, hence why I haven’t written much.  I LOVE my job and I LOVE being busy so overall I’m happy.  The volume of work has been a bit overwhelming and I’m not sleeping that well.  I wake up a few times a night worried about one project or another that I’m starting to drop the ball on.  Every time I think I’ve caught up, a new project comes my way.  

Lately… I’ve been struggling with figuring out who I am.  I used to be a working mother who ran half marathons and did triathlons in the summer.  This year the girls sports have made my sports impossible to fit in (Sierra has NINE softball tournaments this summer!).  I love that my girls love sports and are incredible athletes, so I’ll never put my races ahead of their events, but this means I need to find a new definition of who I am.  I am thankfully still running and working out, but without race goals the intensity hasn’t been the same.

Lately… I’ve been thinking about dropping out of the Compressed Work Week program at work.  The program is set up to allow us to work 30 min more each day, then every third week we get a day off.  I’ve been taking a 30 minute lunch break instead of an hour most days of the week.  Occasionally I come in 30 min early to get a lunch workout in, but this pretty much only happens only once a week.  I really miss my lunch workouts so I may drop out of this program.  A lunch workout does way more for me mentally than a day off every third week.  Besides, because of my workload I’ve already worked through a few of me days off 🙁

Lately… I’ve been thinking about how happy I’ll be when hockey season ends. We have 1 more tournament this weekend where both Sierra and Brooke’s teams are guaranteed four games each.  The tournament runs Thursday night to Sunday so I get to spend Easter weekend chauffeuring kids to hockey and entertaining the youngest at arenas.  After this weekend we have “Day of Champs” on April 3rd, then this season is DONE!!!  Softball season starts April 30th weekend….

This week I haven’t really put together a workout plan because between hockey, the hectic work schedule and the ice storm that we’re supposedly getting I just haven’t figured out when I have time to run and lift… 6 am?  Yesterday’s Dailyburn workout with Juliette and Becky was amazing though and I am SO SORE from it!!

Have a great week everyone!  

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  • CathyV
    March 24, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Glad to hear you are thinking about things to help YOU. Don’t forget that if you aren’t happy it is hard to help others be happy 🙂


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