Keep Calm and Eat Salad, My September Routines + #MotivateMe Linkup

Welcome September and happy #MotivateMe Monday everyone!

I have to admit that although I love the warmth of July and August, I’m ready to welcome the cooler mornings of September for my morning runs (though I’m not a fan of the sun rising later and later and later…).  That said, way too many of my runs this summer were utterly unbearable because of how hot and muggy they were.  September for me also signifies a return to routine and with the kids starting new classes, schools etc.  September feels like a good opportunity to set new goals and go for them!  Does September make you feel the same way?

Last week was good fitness-wise.  On Monday I ran 8k with my best running friends, Tuesday was a “rest day” (didn’t have enough time to workout at lunch), Wednesday morning I ran hill repeats with my running friend, Thursday I took as another rest day, Friday morning I ran 8k with my friends, Saturday I did 30 min of Fit Law’s workout videos on Youtube, and on Sunday I ran 5.5k with my running friend.  Total for the week: 29.5k



Welcome fall! Time for headlamps, reflective vests & blinking tail lights. Stay safe out there!

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Eating wise I did well.  With the kids not home for the week I could eat whatever I wanted.  Hubby doesn’t share my love of salads, and we rarely agree to eat the same thing so we agreed to each eat whatever we wanted, so I ate LOTS of salad!


Because this is the start of a new month, and pretty much the start of a new season (some people call it fall, us hockey parents call it hocky season), I thought it would be a good time to set some new goals and routines.  The three morning runs/week and salads for lunch routine has stuck well, so now it’s time to set some new routines for Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends.  

My September Routines

I would call these goals, but then once I accomplish them I’d be done and not motivated to continue, so I thought that calling these routines would have a better outcome. 

Running: I run three mornings a week – Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with my friends.  To add to that routine I’ll be establishing a routine of doing two shorter runs on my lunch breaks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Strength:  I’ll be adding a short strength routine with my kettlebell after my morning runs (so three short strength workouts/week).

Weekends: With hockey season upon us, I’ll be starting a routine of working out to a workout video from Youtube on my ipad in the house whenever I can fit it in between games and practices.  One video on Saturdays, and another on Sundays.  

Nutrition: Hockey season is when my nutrition falls apart.  Arena fries are unfortunately VERY yummy but full of empty calories.  This season I’ll be starting a routine of being prepared for my hunger by carrying apples, salads etc with me.  For dinners I’ll eat smaller portions of what the family is eating with a side salad.  My breakfasts before my morning runs has consisted of eating sugary cereals, so I want to start a routine of eating smoothie bowls (aka breakfast salad).  My routine will be salad, salad and MORE salad!

Keep calm and eat salad

My fitness plan for this week looks like this:

Monday: 15k  hilly morning run – Monday is a h
Tuesday: 5k lunch run
Wednesday: 8k morning run + kettlebells
Thur: 5k lunch run
Friday: 8k morning run + kettlebells 
SaturdayJillian Michaels 6 week six pack abs workout
Sunday: BodyFit 25min Kettlebell HIIT Workout

This week I’m going to try REALLY hard to do ALL of my planned workouts to establish my new ROUTINES. 

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